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Microsoft MB3-533 Exam -

Free MB3-533 Sample Questions:

1. If an applicant is hired using the Hire feature, which of the following information will the system transfer to their employee record? Choose the 2 that apply.
A. Skills
B. Interviews
C. Education
D. Applicant User Defined information
Answer: A, C

2. Fabrikam, Inc. has two employee unions. The company wants to track employee membership in each union. What additional functionality is available for unions with Human Resources? Choose the 2 that apply.
A. The ability to track union seniority and dues.
B. The ability to print some union related reports in HR.
C. A benefit for the union dues is setup in Payroll automatically.
D. A deduction for the union dues is setup in Payroll automatically.
Answer: A, B

3. Jane wants to use the Hire feature in Human Resources for an applicant. Which of the following must she have to hire the applicant?
A. An I-9 must exist for the applicant.
B. An offer must be entered in Human Resources.
C. An Employee ID must be entered on the Hire window.
D. A vacancy and requisition must exist for the position for which the applicant is being hired.
Answer: C

4. When linking time codes in Attendance to pay codes in Payroll, which of the following statements are true?
A. Time codes and pay codes are for informational use only.
B. Time codes are linked to pay codes for W-2 processing.
C. An absent time code should not be linked to a pay code.
D. Time codes and pay codes with the same ID are automatically linked.
Answer: C

5. When setting up Payroll Integration to Payables, which transaction types can be used? Choose the 2 that apply.
A. Federal Tax, State and Local Taxes
B. Employee and Company Deductions
C. Business Expense
D. Commission to non-employees
Answer: A, B

6. Which of the following are true about requisitions in Human Resources? Choose the 3 that apply.
A. Costs can be recorded.
B. Requisitions are optional.
C. All requisitions must be filled before year-end processing.
D. The number of applicants interviewed can be recorded.
Answer: A, B, D

7. Which of the following can be viewed using the Organization Explorer window? Choose the 3 that apply.
A. Positions
B. Requisitions
C. Vacancies
D. Employees
Answer: A, C, D

8. When accrual periods are set up in Attendance, how many years need to be set up to avoid problems?
A. 0
B. 1
C. 2
D. 5
Answer: C

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