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Microsoft MB3-465 Exam -

Free MB3-465 Sample Questions:

1.What do Call Status Codes represent in the Service Call Management module?

A: The life-cycle of a service call from entered to completed/invoiced.
B: The status of a service call when it is associated with a contract
C: The status of an RMA created from a Service Call
D: The status required for escalation purposes
Answer: A

2.eService integrates directly with which of the following modules? Choose the 1 that apply.
A:Fixed Assets
C:Project Accounting
D:Service Call Management
E:Fixed Assets
Answer: D

3.Which of the following statements are true regarding service call status codes? Choose the 3 that apply.
A:The system only tracks the 10 statuses that are defined in Service Setup -Call Status
B:Additional status codes may be defined and manually assigned to calls
C:Status codes may be up to three characters in length
D:Call status codes drive the escalation process
Answer: B, C, D

4.Which of the following statements about successful software deployment is TRUE?
A: Pilot everything and time-phase the implementation
B: Pilot everything only when all Field Service modules will be used/implemented
C: Implement one Field Service module in each phase.
D: Pilot everything only when integrations and customizations are present
Answer: A

5.What are the most recommended methods to import Field Service Data into Microsoft Dynamics GP? Choose the 2 that apply.
A:Use Integration Manager Destination Objects
B:Use Table Import
C:Use macros
D:Use SQL DTS or scripts
Answer: C, D

6.Which of the following functions are available from the Service Dispatch window? Choose all that apply.
A:Filter service calls by Technician ID, Office ID, Customer ID, and Call Status
B:Link to Service Call Entry/Update to enter a new Service Call
C:Access the Technician Skills Assignment window to aid in the selection of the proper Technician
D:Dispatch Service Calls
Answer: A, B, C, D

7.In order for Field Service to work as desired for an organization whose business rules require that a contract be invoiced before contract revenue is recognized, what steps should you take during implementaion?
A: Set the billing start date to the date you wish to begin recognizing revenue
B: Set the contract start date to the date you wish to begin recognizing revenue
C: Uncheck the Non-Invoiced Revenue Recognition check box
D: Make the adjustment manually in the General Ledger once the recognition process has executed
Answer: C

8.For Time and Materials (T&M) service calls you charge a minimum of 1 hour for standard labor. You then charge your time in increments of 15 minutes. Based on this scenario, what is the best way to accomplish this?
A: Set a Miscellaneous Charge item on the T&M service type at 1 hour of labor. Also create a modification that generates a pop up box to the user each time this service type is used explaining that time is charged in 000:15 minute increments.
B: Create two service types; one for a minimum of 001:00 hour T&M labor and one for standard T&M labor
C: Set the T&M service type to have a minimum of 001:00 for Standard labor and set the rounded values for standard labor to 000:15.
D: You must manually adjust each service call to reflect the minimum of 001:00 hour and billing in 000:15 minute increments.
Answer: C

9.You have deployed eService; how can your customers access their service calls via the internet?
A: When they first access the site; they are asked to setup a userid and password
B: You must supply your customers with a userid and password that is setup within eService
C: You must supply your customers with their Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer ID and password. The password must be setup on the Address Internet information window in the Password field
D: You must supply your customers with their Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer ID. Upon initial authentication; they can change their password.
Answer: C

10.Which of the following tools is best suited to create a report which would pull data from Receivables Management, Inventory Control, Sales Order Processing, Contract Adminstration and Service Call Management all at the same time?
A: Modifier
B: Crystal Reports
C: Report Writer
D: Integration Manager
Answer: B

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