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Microsoft MB3-462 Exam -

Free MB3-462 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following Master records can be updated with the Great Plains Standard Adapter? Choose the 3 that apply.
A:Fixed Allocation Accounts
B:Unit Accounts
C:Item Resource Planning Maintenance
Answer: A, B, D

2.If an integration has more than one source query, which statement is true?
A: A relationship between the sources is optional
B: There must be more than one source file
C: A relationship must be defined between the sources
D: Both source queries must be the same type
Answer: C

3.If an integration is deleted, which of the following items are NOT deleted with it? Choose the 2 that apply.
A:Sources Queries
B:Data Sources
C:Query Relationships
D:Destination Mappings
Answer: A, B

4.How does Microsoft Dynamics GP define a business object?
A: Any window in Microsoft Dynamics GP
B: Any window in Microsoft Dynamics GP where data can be entered or saved
C: Any table in Microsoft SQL used by Microsoft Dynamics GP
D: Any table group in Microsoft SQL used by Microsoft Dynamics GP
Answer: B

5.When Integration Manager is installed, what is checked?
A: Minimum Microsoft Dynamics GP version is checked
B: Minimum system requirements are checked
C: None of the above
D: All of the above
Answer: B

6.What of the following information can NOT be integrated on a Sales Order Processing Order integration with the Great Plains standard adapter?
A: A different ship to address id for each line item.
B: Lot and serial numbers for line items.
C: Recurring Order information
D: Line Item Distribution Accounts
Answer: C

7.Where can you change the maximum number of errors and warnings?
A: In the Relationships window
B: In the Source Properties window
C: In the Object Browser window
D: In the Integration Properties window
Answer: D

8.When integrating Customers, what are the available Destination Edit Modes? Choose the 3 that apply.
A:Insert Only
B:Update Only
C:Insert and Update
D:Update Existing Records Only
Answer: A, B, C

9.The Direct to Table Adapter integrates at what level?
A: Window level
B: Business logic level
C: Database level
D: All of the Above
Answer: C

10.Data types can be changed within Integration Manager for which source type? Choose the 2 that apply.
A:Simple ODBC source
B:Advanced ODBC source
C:Text source
D:All of the above
Answer: B, C

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