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Microsoft MB3-230 Exam -

Free MB3-230 Sample Questions:

1.Why would the Vac/Sick button for an employee on the Employee Maintenance screen be dimmed?
A: You marked no to accrue vacation and sick time in Payroll Setup.
B: You marked no to accrue vacation and sick time on the employee.
C: You marked to accrue from Attendance in the Attendance Setup screen.
D: The Vac/Sick button will only be dimmed if the employee has no vacation or sick hours available to use.
Answer: C

2.Where are General Ledger accounts for Payroll transactions pulled?
A: Employee Maintenance
B: The Class assigned to the Employee
C: Payroll Posting Accounts Setup
D: Posting Accounts Setup
Answer: C

3.Human Resources supports which of the following premium methods for Life Insurance?
A: Fixed Amounts only
B: Fixed Amounts and Variable Amounts
C: Fixed Amounts and Age Based
D: Variable Amounts and Age Based
Answer: C

4.When calculating checks, which of the following must be corrected before you can complete the pay run?
A: Warnings
B: Errors
C: Critical Mistakes
D: Warnings and Errors
Answer: B

5.On the Setup Accruals window in Attendance, which of the following ccrue By options should be used if all employees receive 40 hrs of sick time at the beginning of each year?
A: Hr/Yr
B: Interval
C: Pay Period
D: Post Once
Answer: B

6.Which of the following are automatic pay types and don require a transaction to be included in a Payroll check build?
Answer: C, D

7.In the Attendance Transaction Transfer window, what does the checkbox indicate next to a transaction?
A: The transaction needs to be posted.
B: The transaction has been previously posted.
C: The transaction has been voided.
D: The transaction has been marked for posting.
Answer: B

8.If an applicant is hired, which of the following information will the system transfer to their employee record?
D:Applicant User Defined information
Answer: A, B

9.Which of the following organizational setups require that you set up at least one? .
C:Position/Job title
Answer: B, C

10.Which of the following pay codes need to be based on another pay code?
Answer: B, C, D

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