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Microsoft MB3-216 Exam -

Free MB3-216 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 Which setup option is not company specific in Great Plains?
A. Activating security
B. Defining an account format
C. Setting up fiscal periods
D. Setting up user classes
Answer: D

Q: 2 How can you have the system automatically notify you when sales are below $100,000 by the 15th of the month?
A. Activate activity tracking
B. Create a business alert
C. Setup organizational structures
D. Utilize the process server
Answer: B

Q: 3 Where do you activate the option to use tax details on General Ledger transactions?
A. General Ledger Setup
B. Account Maintenance
C. User Preferences
D. Company Setup Options
Answer: D

Q: 4 What can you do to require that all transactions are entered into a batch?
A. Choose osting Date From Batch in Posting Setup Choose posting Date From Batch in Posting Setup
B. Enter control totals in the batch entry window
C. Mark equire Batch Approval?in Posting Setup Mark equire Batch Approval in Posting Setup
D. Unmark llow Transaction Posting in Posting Setup Unmark allow Transaction Posting in Posting Setup
Answer: D

Q: 5 How can you set up your system to allow posting to start on one computer and then be transferred to another computer on the network?
A. Choose to post remotely when printing the posting journals
B. Mark the option to post remotely in Posting Setup
C. Mark the option to post remotely in Security Setup
D. Set up posting as a remote process in Process Server Setup
Answer: D

Q: 6 How can you print a detailed Trial Balance from General Ledger and a Historical Aged Trial Balance from Payables Management in a single step?
A. Add each report to a combined group
B. Add each report option to a custom report
C. Add each report group to the purchasing routines checklist
D. Add each report option to a report group
Answer: A

Q: 7 If Post to General Ledger and Post through General Ledger are marked in Posting Setup, what will happen to a voucher that is posted in a batch in Payables Management?
A. The transaction will only update Payables Management.
B. The transaction will be sent to General Ledger without updating Payables Management.
C. The transaction will update Payables Management and General Ledger when it is posted in Payables Management.
D. The transaction will update Payables and be sent to a General Ledger batch where it will need to be posted.
Answer: C

Q: 8 Where can you view which version of Great Plains is installed?
A. About Great Plains window
B. Great Plains Options window
C. Registration window
D. Security window
Answer: A

Q: 9 What characteristics are specific to batch posting but not transaction level posting?
A. Ability to print an edit list
B. Can save transactions and post them together
C. An audit trail is kept for posted transactions
D. Transactions can be posted real time
Answer: A, B

Q: 10 What date will be used as the posting date in General Ledger if you are posting a batch of transactions in summary from a subsidiary ledger?
A. Batch Date
B. Due Date
C. Transaction Date
D. User Date
Answer: A

Q: 11 Which of the following statements are true about the Notes feature?
A. Notes can be attached to windows
B. Notes cannot be changed once entered
C. Notes can be attached to individual vendors and customers
D. Notes are only available if the feature is turned on in company setup
Answer: A, C

Q: 12 What is the purpose of the use Account Settings option in Posting Setup?
A. Allows you to maintain history for selected accounts
B. Allows you to post some accounts in detail and others in summary to the General Ledger
C. Allows you to restrict which accounts will appear in each series
D. Allows you to use the account level security option
Answer: B

Q: 13 If you want the ability to reprint posting journals in Great Plains, what window would you use to verify that this option is turned on?
A. Audit Trail Codes Setup window
B. Batch Entry window
C. Company Setup window
D. Posting Setup window
Answer: A

Q: 14 Which statements below are true regarding changing the account format?
A. The account format can be lengthened at any time.
B. Changes can be made to the account format before the chart of accounts has been entered.
C. The account format can be shortened at any time.
D. Changes can't be made to the account format after the installation of Great Plains is complete.
Answer: A, B

Q: 15 Which of the following are valid tax bases when setting up a tax detail?
A. Base on Tax Table
B. Percent of Cost
C. Percent of Sale/Purchase
D. Tax Included with Item Price
Answer: B, C, D

Q: 16 Edit lists can be printed from which of the following windows?
A. Batch entry windows
B. Master posting window
C. Series posting windows
D. Transaction entry windows
Answer: A, D

Q: 17 Where can a "stranded" user be removed from the system?
A. Security window
B. User Access window
C. User Activity window
D. User window
Answer: C

Q: 18 Where is security activated?
A. Company Setup window
B. Great Plains Utilities window
C. Security Setup window
D. SQL Options window
Answer: A

Q: 19 Which of the following file formats are available when saving a Great Plains report to a file?
C. Comma Delimited
D. Text
Answer: A, C, D

Q: 20 Which of the following settings are user-specific?
A. Notes
B. Posting setup options
C. Show Required Fields setting
D. Tab or Return key as entry key
Answer: C, D

Q: 21 What are the requirements to delete an account?
A. Must have a zero balance
B. Must have previously been inactivated
C. Must not have any account history amounts
D. Must not have any transaction history records
Answer: A, C, D

Q: 22 What field in the Account Maintenance window determines which quick financial statement an account will appear on in Great Plains?
A. Account Category
B. Alias
C. Posting Type
D. Series Selected
Answer: A

Q: 23 Which of the following is true about a unit account transaction?
A. You can enter a one sided transaction
B. It can only be entered in clearing entry
C. A credit increases the quantity of a unit account
D. A debit decreases the quantity of a unit account
Answer: A

Q: 24 What are the requirements to post an intercompany transaction?
A. All companies on the transaction must have a functional currency defined.
B. An intercompany relationship must exist for all companies on the transaction.
C. The transaction may not contain any multidimensional analysis information.
D. A batch is required. .
Answer: A, B, D

Q: 25 What type of account posts to the distribution accounts based on the balance in the breakdown accounts?
A. Unit accounts
B. Posting accounts
C. Fixed Allocation accounts
D. Variable Allocation accounts
Answer: D

Q: 26 Why would you mark a fiscal period as closed for the financial series?
A. To be able to perform the year-end closing routine
B. To consolidate a period balance
C. To ensure no transactions can be posted to that period
D. To update the retained earnings account for the period
Answer: C

Q: 27 Which accounts will always have a zero balance?
A. Unit
B. Posting
C. Fixed Allocation
D. Variable Allocation
Answer: C, D

Q: 28 Which of the following is a requirement to inactivate an account?
A. Must have a zero balance
B. Must have no budget figures
C. Must have no history
D. Must have no year-to-date activity
Answer: A

Q: 29 Which statement is true concerning Quick Journal transactions?
A. You can delete accounts on the transaction and this change will be a permanent change to the Quick Journal setup.
B. You can leave any defaulted account with a zero amount.
C. You can save the Quick Journal and post from the Batch Entry window.
D. You must enter an amount in the control balance field.
Answer: B

Q: 30 The benefit of using Multidimensional Analysis is to record detailed information about transactions without having to do what?
A. Create a highly detailed Chart of Accounts
B. Post to the General Ledger in detail
C. Save transaction history
D. Set up allocation accounts
Answer: A

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