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Microsoft MB3-209 Exam -

Free MB3-209 Sample Questions:

1.After posting an invoice in Purchase Order Processing what modules can be potentially updated with this posted information? Mark all that apply.
A:General Ledger
C:Payables Management
D:Bank Reconciliation
Answer: A, B, C

2.An invoice was posted before it was printed and sent to the customer. What windows could be used to print the historical invoice?
A:Sales Transaction Entry
B:Sales Batches
C:Print Sales Documents
D:Sales Document Range Inquiry
Answer: C, D

3.When entering a transfer transaction, which characteristic of the default unit cost is true?
A: Always defaults with the current cost or standard cost (dependent on valuation method) and cannot be changed
B: Always defaults with current cost or standard cost (dependent on valuation method) and can be changed
C: Never defaults. It must be entered by the user
D: Never defaults. No cost is associated with the transfer transaction because the item isn being sold. Never defaults. No cost is associated with the transfer transaction because the item isn? being sold.
Answer: A

4.A bin number can be assigned to which of the following?
A: Individual assigned site Ids
B: The "All" site ID
C: The site ID defined as the Primary Site
D: Individual assigned and unassigned site Ids
Answer: A

5.What window is used to define what sales document type (quote, order, etc.) will default when opening the Sales Transaction Entry window?
A: Receivables Management Setup
B: User Preferences
C: Sales Order Processing Setup
D: Customer Maintenance
Answer: B

6.An invoice can be transferred to which of the following document types?
A: Order and Back Order
B: Back Order
C: Order
D: Back Order and Return
Answer: B

7.Item beginning quantities are entered in what window?
A: Item Transaction Entry
B: Purchase Order Entry
C: Item Quantities Maintenance
D: Stock Count Entry
Answer: A

8.Purchase Order Processing Setup allows you to define the item display option. Once in the Purchase Order Entry window, where can this default display option be changed?
A: Item expansion button
B: Extras, then Options on the menu bar
C: Vendor expansion button
D: Purchase Order Processing Setup
Answer: B

9.Which of the following are item types? Mark all that apply.
A:Finished Good
C:Flat Fee
D:Sales Inventory
Answer: B, C, D

10.Which of the following documents can be generated using Quick Print? Mark all that apply.
D:Packing Slip
Answer: B, C, D

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