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Microsoft MB2-184 Exam -

Free MB2-184 Sample Questions:

1.Microsoft CRM uses which of the following technologies to display its web forms via the browser application?
A: XML Web Services
D: Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
Answer: C

2.In order to implement Knowledge Base searching, which of the following SQL Server 2000 components must be configured and running?
A: SQL Indexing Service
B: SQL Full-String Search
C: SQL Data Access Indexing
D: SQL Full-Text Search
Answer: D

3.Which of the following tools are available in the Customization Transport Manager?
A:Import Customization
B:Publish Customization
C:Modify Customization
D:Delete Customization
Answer: A, B

4.Crystal Cache Server stores information in the registry about which of the following?
A:Location of the cache file
B:Maximum size of the cache file
C:Default temp directory location
D:URL of Microsoft CRM Server
Answer: A, B

5.What is the benefit of using Active Directory security authentication?
A: Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
B: Single sign on
C: Access to XML Web Services
D: Data exchange with other applications via SOAP
Answer: B

6.Which layer of the Microsoft CRM architecture performs all security checks?
A: Application
B: Platform
C: Database
D: Presentation
Answer: B

7.If you wish to attach a note to a case, which security privileges control whether you can perform this action?
D:Append To
Answer: B, D

8.Microsoft CRM user accounts can be created in Microsoft CRM through which of the following?
A:The User Manager tool
B:The User License tool
C:The Microsoft CRM application itself
D:The User Maintenance Wizard
Answer: A, C

9.Which layer of the Microsoft CRM architecture is responsible for performing the majority of the business logic?
A: User Interface
B: Application
C: Platform
D: Data Access
Answer: C

10.Which of the following criteria must be met when entering the Organization Name during the Microsoft CRM Server installation process?
A: Enter name in all Upper Case letters.
B: Enter name in all Lower Case letters.
C: Enter the name exactly it appears on the System Administrator user account.
D: Enter the name exactly as it appears on the license registration.
Answer: D

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