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IBM LOT-987 Exam -

Free LOT-987 Sample Questions:

1.Randy wants to configure the system to allow multiple file types to be uploaded and attached to Blogs.
What best describes the steps he needs to take to do this task?
A. Modify the list of Allowed Extensions on the Administration tab
B. Modify the mimes.types in <WAS_PROFILE_ROOT>Blogs.war/META -INF
C. Modify the AllowableExtensions attribute in Lotu sConnections-Config.xml
D. Modify the list of Allowed Extensions on the Administration tab and modify the mimes.types in <WAS_PROFILE_ROOT>Blogs.war/META-INF
Answer: D

2.When installing the Lotus Connections features, Cailyn needs to provide for future growth that might contain a mixture of server instances and WebSphere Application Server profiles. Which of the following installation types should she choose?
A. Pilot
B. Stand-alone
C. Network deployment
D. Advanced stand-alone
Answer: C

3.Barb has removed the index for blogs and wikis and would like to execute a one -off task that reindexes the blogs and wikis features 30 seconds after being called. Which configuration service does Barb need to configure for this task?
A. SearchService
B. HomepageSearch
C. SearchCellConfig
D. FederatedSearchService
Answer: A

4.You have been asked to limit who can post comments on others' boards. What's the command to do this task?
A. ProfilesConfigService-vice.updateConfig("boardNetworkACL.enabled", "true")
B. ProfilesConfigService-vice.updateConfig("boardInNetworkACL.enabled", "true")
C. ProfilesConfigService-vice.updateConfig("boardIndNetworkACL.enabled", "false")
D. ProfilesConfigService-vice.updateConfig("boardIndNetworkOnly.enabled", "false")
Answer: B

5.You have chosen to install all the Lotus Connections features into one profile, with each profile running in a separate server process. What is the minimum number of IBM HTTP Web servers that you can define for that profile?
A. One
B. Two
C. Six
D. Eight
Answer: A

6.Jadon has successfully installed Lotus Connections on multiple servers and has begun to utilize the Lotus Connections cluster installation wizard. Which of the following requirements is true regarding the wizard?
A. You need to set up WebSphere Application Server profiles in advance.
B. You must restart the LDAP source between adding each instance to the cluster.
C. You need to set up dynamic DNS entries to point to each feature before beginning.
D. You must edit the DynCluster.xml file on each node and add the other servers to the file.
Answer: A

7.Lotus Connections caches and saves the favicons of Web sites when users add the bookmark to Dogear. Which of the following is the default time in days that a favicon is kept until the cache is refreshed and an update retrieved?
A. 30
B. 45
C. 90
D. 120
Answer: C

8.Which of the following is not true about a stand -alone Lotus Connections deployment?
A. A standard stand-alone deployment is not recommended for large deployments.
B. A standard stand-alone deployment with features on multiple WebSphere Application Server profiles is not recommended.
C. An advanced stand-alone deployment is where Lotus Connections features are installed across multiple server instances and administered using WebSphere Network Deployment.
D. Both the standard and advanced stand-alone deployments do not have centralized administration and must use the integrated solutions console for administration of servers.
Answer: C

9.To configure existing widgets or to make custom widgets available for use in Profiles, you modify settings in which file?
A. widgets-config.xml
B. profiles-config.xml
C. profiles-widgets.xml
D. lotusConnections-config.xml
Answer: A

10.You are enabling and configuring the Home page of Lotus Connections and to scale proper ly, you have located the feature on a different node than the other features. Which of the following must be true for this topology to work correctly when using federated repositories?
A. The realm name must be identical on each server.
B. You must enable automatic regeneration of LTPA keys.
C. The servers must all offer forms-based authentication.
D. The user must enter through the Home page to access all features after enabled.
Answer: A

11.There are three types of custom iWidgets that can be added to Communities. Which type allows the iWidget to exist outside the community, for example, in search results?
A. Mandated
B. Optional
C. Opened by default
D. None of the above. Community iWidgets can only exist within Communities
Answer: A

12.if you are using the version of DB2 that was included with the Lotus Connections product to be used exclusively with Lotus Connections, you need to register the DB2 product license key. The key file is called:
A. db2reg.lcp
B. db2ese_o.lic
C. db2license.txt
D. db2_init.license
Answer: B

13.Which of the following controls what headers, cookies, and HTTP methods are forwarded to a set of URLs?
A. Ajax proxy
B. plugin-cfg.xml
C. IBM HTTP Server
D. LotusConnections-config.xml
Answer: A

14.Concerning the management of the size of wikis, which of these statements is correct?
A. Only the maximum size of the library can be set.
B. Only the maximum size of the items in the library can be set.
C. The maximum size of the library and items in the library can be set.
D. No maximum sizes can be set on either the library or items in the library.
Answer: C

15.To add authentic user accounts to a Lotus Connections pilot installation, in case of a later migration to a production installation, which of the following clients are run to impo rt the user information file?
A. db2
B. wsadmin
C. lcadmin
D. profile
Answer: B

16.You are configuring federated repositories and would like users to authenticate in Lotus Connections using their Microsoft?Active Directory e-mail address attribute. Which of the following attributes would you mostly likely use for authentication in the Login properties field?
A. uid
B. mail
C. emailAddress
D. SamAccountName
Answer: B

17.To make new widgets available for use on the Home page, what is the minimum role tha t the user must be assigned?
A. admin
B. reader
C. person
D. widget-admin
Answer: A

18.Which statement best describes the necessary backup procedures for Files?
A. Normal database backup procedures are all that are needed.
B. Normal file system backup procedures are all that are needed.
C. Files are backed up as part of the daily Content Store backup procedures.
D. The Files architecture requires that you maintain consistency between the database and the file system during backup procedures.
Answer: D

19.Which of the following components of Lotus Connections requires updating additional property files to enable virus scanning?
A. Blogs
B. Profiles
C. Home page
D. Activities
Answer: A

20.if you are creating databases utilizing the Lotus Connections database wizard, which of the following databases is not an option?
A. Wiki
B. Files
C. Search
D. Activities
Answer: C

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