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IBM LOT-953 Exam -

Free LOT-953 Sample Questions:

1. Rudi wants to have a document sent to predefined users after the document is completed. The completion of a document can be done by several people. How would he best do this?
A. Use the PostSave event to send the document.
B. Select the "Present mail send dialog" in the Docment properties.
C. Check in the QuerySave event if the document is completed, and then use document.send to send the document.
D. Display a box to the user stating that they can use the "Mail forward" icon after they are finished with the document, to forward the infomation to the next user.
Answer: C

2. Yolanda has built the XPages for the sales application. The functionality is working properly, and it is now time to apply the corporate branding. Yolanda has read that XPages can use themes and CSS for affecting the appearance of the UI. What is a distinction between themes and CSS?
A. Themes are set at the server level to control one, many, or all XML properties of all XPages running on the server. One must use CSS to customize the UI of specific applications.
B. Themes and CSS each can control all of the same items. The difference is that themes can be used to apply to some or all applications on a server, while CSS is application-specific.
C. Themes can be used to control any XML properties of any XPages running on the server, including CSS style properties. Themes are different from style sheets in that they are not restricted to CSS styles.
D. CSS is used to control the presentation of data - such properties as color, font, and positioning. Themes cannot manage the same items as CSS, but themes can be used to control functional properties such as the number of displayed view rows.
Answer: C

3. Araceli is creating a profile document in the SalesOrder database to allow the sales managers to control various application settings. Araceli has created the DB Profile form with the needed fields. How can she create the profile document?
A. Create a view action button with the formula: @Command([EditProfileDocument]; "DB Profile"). Use a hide formula to expose the button only to the sales managers.
B. Create a view action button with the formula: @Command([CreateProfileDocument]; "DB Profile"). Use a hide formula to expose the button only to the sales managers.
C. From the Security tab of the Form properties, select the SalesManagers group under "Who can create documents with this form". A sales manager will then use the Create menu to create the document.
D. Create a view with a selection formula of: SELECT Form = "DB Profile". From the Security tab of the View properties, select the SalesManagers group under "Who may use this view". Create a view action button with the formula: @Command([CreateProfileDocument]; "DB Profile").
Answer: A

4. Andre is using mail encryption on documents that are being routed to other members of his team. Which one of the following keys is used to decrypt the documents?
A. Andre's private key
B. Server's private key
C. Recipient's public key
D. Recipient's private key
Answer: D

5. Heike has replaced the old navigator in her application. She has added new navigation using an outline, a page, frames, and a frameset. What does Heike need to do to get the frameset to display when the application is opened?
A. Set the application launch property for "Open designated Page". Set the Name parameter to the name of the page that contains the frameset.
B. Select the "Set as default" option for the outline, the page, and the frameset.
C. Set the application launch property for "Open designated Frameset". Set the Name parameter to the name of the frameset.
D. Select Other > Application Resources from within Domino Designer. Set the "Open first" parameter to the name of the frameset.
Answer: C

6. Sam supports the Sales application Sales.nsf. This application resides on a Domino server, on which DECS is installed. To ensure that Sam's form will connect to inventory data from an external data source, he must do which one of the following?
A. Define a field on the form to map to the external data
B. Specify the default metadata object in form properties
C. Enable the "Allow external data access" database property
D. Include the reserved DataOptions field on his form, with a value of 1
Answer: A

7. Keiko is designing EmpSurvey.nsf, an employee survey application. The application needs to be able to receive emailed documents. Which one of the following does Keiko need to do?
A. Create a mail-in database document in the Domino directory.
B. Open the application properties and select "Enable as mail-in application".
C. Create MailInDb document in DOMCFG.NSF, being sure to set "Mailbox" to "EmpSurvey.nsf".
D. Create a mapping in the Domino directory to associate EmpSurvey.nsf with a mail server.
Answer: A

8. The XYZ Company has offices in many different countries. There is a single Inventory database, replicated to a server in each country. Users connect to the server associated with the country in which they work. Each product document includes a multivalue field named Country, indicating the country or countries in which the product is available. How can Drew ensure that the server at each country is sent only the data for products available for sale within that country?
A. From the Security tab of the properties on each countrys replica database, select Restricted replication. Select Restrict by formula. Enter a replication formula of: SELECT @IsMember("COUNTRY_NAME"; Country).
B. From the Advanced tab of the replication settings for each countrys replica database, select Documents by selection formula, and enter the formula: SELECT @IsMember("COUNTRY_NAME"; Country).
C. Add a computed Authors field to the Product forms in the database. Use a value formula of Country. Run an agent to refresh all documents.
D. From the Defaults tab of the properties for the Product form, select by formula under Restrict copying. Enter a formula of: SELECT @IsMember(@Location(1); Country).
Answer: B

9. Derrick has been working with his Domino administration team to reduce the server load caused by view index creation and updates. They told him about the "Deferred index creation" feature, which Derrick could enable. What does this feature refer to?
A. Categorized columns in views
B. The entire index of a view
C. Sortable columns in a view
D. The full-text index of the database
Answer: C

10. Susie wants to modify a field in the current document using a simple action. Which of the following simple actions will accomplish this?
A. modifyField name="string" value="generic"
B. deleteDocument name="string" message="string"
C. createResponse name="string" parentID="string"
D. openPage name="string" target="string" documentId="string"
Answer: A

11. Alan is working on the Sales application and needs to display the current value for QuantityAvailable when a user selects the ProductID. QuantityAvailable is in a different application, the Inventory application. Sales.nsf and Inventory.nsf both are on the SalesApp001 server. How can Alan retrieve the value of QuantityAvailable for the selected ProductID?
A. Put this formula behind a ComputedForDisplay field: @DbLookup( "Notes":"NoCache"; "SalesApp001":"inventory.nsf"; "vwProducts"; ProductID; QuantityAvailable )
B. Include this code in the onChange event for the ProductID field: FIELD dspQuantity := @DbColumn( "Notes":"Cache"; "":"inventory.nsf"; "vwProducts"; ProductID; 3)
C. Put this formula behind a ComputedForDisplay field: @DbLookup( "Notes":"NoCache"; "SalesApp001!inventory.nsf"; "vwProducts"; ProductID; QuantityAvailable )
D. Include this code in the onChange event for the ProductID field: FIELD dspQuantity := @DbColumn( "Notes":"Cache"; "SalesApp001!inventory.nsf"; "vwProducts"; ProductID; QuantityAvailable)
Answer: A

12. Paul wants to read keywords from a definitions database that resides on the same server into a field in which he keeps phrases for different keywords. The choice depends on a previously entered field. Which statements give him the correct options for this?
A. @DbColumn("Notes":""; "":"Definitions.nsf" ; "(Keyword)"; choices ; 2 );
B. @DbLookup("Notes":"NoCache"; "":"Definitions.nsf" ; "(Keyword)"; choices );
C. @DbColumn("":"NoCache"; @Subset(@DbName;1):"Definitions.nsf" ; "(Keyword)"; choices ; 2 );
D. @DbLookup("ODBC":"NoCache";@Subset(@DbName;1):"Definitions.nsf";"(Keyword)";"choices"; "Choices");
Answer: C

13. John is working in the Eclipse workspace. Which view will display errors, warnings, and other information about IBM Lotus Domino Designer resources?
A. Events view
B. Outline view
C. Problems view
D. Properties view
Answer: C

14. Sonia has been asked to rewrite her company's "Careers" Domino Web site using XPages. One of the benefits expected from the new development is better response time for the users. What is one reason why XPages may offer better performance versus earlier Domino Web sites?
A. XPages are based on JSPs, which are faster than Domino HTML rendering.
B. XPages are AJAX-enabled, which can offer response time improvements due to partial page refreshes.
C. XPages avoid formula language, thereby saving the time incurred by the formula parser on the server.
D. The custom controls that ship with XPages provide optimized widgets that may perform better than those developers could produce on their own.
Answer: B

15. Paul is working on an ordering system, and he wants the user to be able to select a delivery address of the customer for whom the user is processing the order. How can Paul achieve this ?
A. Create a field containing all customer addresses, and let the user select from this list.
B. Create an embedded view, in which all customers are shown to allow the user to select the address.
C. Create an action button in which the customer is shown, and a list of addresses is listed, which then opens this address for the user to see. Then use @DBColumn to get the field values into the document.
D. Create an action that uses a @DBlookup to fetch the addresses of this customer and allow the user to choose from that list, then split up the choosen entry into different fields in the form.
Answer: D

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