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IBM LOT-921 Exam -

Free LOT-921 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Rob, the portal administrator has installed a stand-alone instance of WebSphere Portal but is unable to start and stop the WebSphere_Portal process from the administrative console.
What is wrong?
A. The administrative console must be installed into the server1 server to manage startup and shutdown operations.
B. The administrative console must be installed into the WebSphere_Portal server to manage startup and shutdown operations.
C. Only managed servers can be stared and shut down using the administrative console. A stand-alone installation creates an unmanaged server
D. The portal server must be installed as a system service to be controlled using the administrative console
Answer: C

Q: 2
A company is planning to migrate a portal server from V6.0 to V7.0. The server includes some custom Struts-based JSR 168 protlets. Which of the following options is the best approach that the company should take for these custom portlets during the migration?
A. Update the Struts Portlet frameword contained within the custom portlets
B. No changes necessary because WebSphere Portal V7.0 continues to support JSR168 Struts protlets
C. Deploy the portlets on the V7.0 environment and run the convert-protlets tasks to update the Struts properties in the portlets
D. Migrate the custom portlets to JSR286 because JSR168 is no longer supported in WebSphere V7.0
Answer: A

Q: 3
Which of the following is not supported in a WSRP rendering portlet?
A. Secure access to content
B. Use of authoring tools component
C. Use of file resource component
D. Use of Taxonomy component
Answer: B

Q: 4
What level of debugging messages (also called traces) are turned on by default in WebSphere Portal V7.0?
A. Inforamtional
B. Warning
C. Error
D. None; traces are turned off by default
Answer: D

Q: 5
Terry is looking for a way to run an XML access function to export a page from the production server and move it. Which tool can be use to help perform this important function?
A. ReleaseBulder
B. portal_server_root/config/xml-samples
C. portal_server_root/doc/xml-samples
D. ConfigEngine
Answer: C

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