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IBM LOT-918 Exam -

Free LOT-918 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Jorge wants to install WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer on his development workstation.
Which best describes the choices he has for installation?
A. WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer installs its own proprietary development environment.
B. WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer cannot be installed into an existing Eclipse environment.
C. WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer can only be installed into an existing Eclipse environment, so he must first download and install Eclipse.
D. WebSphere Portlet Factory Designer can be installed with a new copy of Eclipse that is included with the product, installed into an existing Eclipse environment, or installed into an existing Rational Application Developer environment.
Answer: D

Q: 2
Jerald has created a web application project and included the Tutorials and Samples Building Models feature set. Now after working with the project, he would like to extend his application to include data from a Microsoft Excel or IBM Lotus Symphony spreadsheet. What steps should he take to include this new data, which might change over time?
A. Convert the Excel or Lotus Symphony file to HTML and include it as a page in the project.
B. Add a new imported file feature set using the right-click menu from the project.
C. Export the data to a comma-separated value (CSV) format and import it into a supported native data source.
D. Add the spreadsheet extension feature set by right-clicking the project and selecting WebSphere Portlet Factory/ Feature Info.
Answer: D

Q: 3
Heather has been told that she needs to set the value of a WebSphere Portlet Factory configuration property to enable and disable or configure a particular feature. Where is the appropriate place for Heather to set such a property value?
A. Edit WEB-INF/config/ to set the property value.
B. Edit WEB-INF/config/ to set the property value.
C. Edit WEB-INF/config/ to set the property value.
D. Edit WEB-INF/config/ to set the property value.
Answer: D

Q: 4
Emma is not satisfied with her codeveloper Jakob's description of system tracing events and times, and wants to check the system logs herself. Where can she find and view them?
A. Log files are created in the base WEB-INF directory.
B. Log files are stored in the WEB-INF/logs directory in the deployed WAR file.
C. All WebSphere Portlet Factory logging output is intertwined with WebSphere Portal logging; users must open the application server's log files on the server to view them.
D. The location of log files is variable depending on selections made in the run configuration; users must inspect the run configuration to discover the path to the log files.
Answer: B

Q: 5
Sam has an older model that uses the View and Form builder. He created this model before the WebSphere Portlet Factory theme support existed and would now like the View and Form builder to use the default theme. What is the best way for Sam to accomplish this task?
A. Add a Theme builder to his model and select the Use Theme field.
B. Add a new View and Form builder to his model and remove the old one.
C. Open the View and Form builder call in his model and select the Use Theme field.
D. Set the default bowstreet.themeFile property to true, so that all builders are forced to use the default theme.
Answer: C

Q: 6
Denise has built a new form to capture employee attendance data. By default, the form fields on her new form are all editable. However, she wants to make a few of them, such as the employee's name and ID number, read-only because they are only on the form for reference purposes. How can she do this task?
A. Click the check box next to noneditable fields
B. Profile the field and select the Computed for Display profile handler.
C. Add an action control and specify the tags associated with the read-only fields.
D. Use Export HTML for Data Layout operation to generate HTML, modify it to use <input /> tags only on the specified fields, import the page, and then infer the Page Type from the page.
Answer: D

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