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IBM LOT-828 Exam -

Free LOT-828 Sample Questions:

1.William is preparing to export a template to XML for use on another Workplace Services Express server. Where is this capability exposed?
A.In the Template Library
B.In the Administration panel
C.In the Template Policies Panel
D.In the WebSphere Administration Console
Answer: A

2.Which roles will allow users to view Templates from the Template Library?
A.Template Owner or User
B.Template Editor or User
C.Template Owner or Editor
D.Template Developer or Owner
Answer: C

3.One template in George's Workplace Services Express deployment has been modified from another template, and no longer fits the description of the original. What can be changed to make the template appear differently in the list of template types?
A.Template name
B.Template title
C.Template section
D.Template category
Answer: D

4.Which of the following can Craig modify in a template's properties?
A.Title, Skins and Template Owner
B.Title, Theme, and Template Editor
C.Category, Theme and Template Owner
D.Category, Skins and Template Editor
Answer: C

5.Rob's company has Workplace Services Express development, staging and production servers. The development team has created a new template on the development server. How does he move the template from the development server to the staging server to the production server?
A.He runs XmlAccess to backup the template and restores it to the next server
B.He configures the development, staging and production servers to replicate template design
C.He exports the template as an XML file on one server, and imports it onto the next using the Workplace Template Library
D.Each time the template is modified, he asks the development team to redeploy the .war file, which he imports using the Portlet Manager
Answer: C

6.Which of the following portlets are required in order for Ron to deploy a new template for applications?
A.Application home portlet and membership portlet
B.Application description portlet and membership portlet
C.Application roles portlet and Application home portlet
D.Application calendar portlet, membership portlet and Common PIM portlet
Answer: A

7.Having been given a new application, Bob has created an application catalog portlet. How does he make the application available to users?
A.Users can access the application directly from a URL generated by the policy notification task
B.He wires several portlets to complete the application configuration, then notify users of its existence
C.When creating a page to contain the application, he chooses the "Notify users of new application" option
D.He creates, set security access to, and deploys a new page; and users can access the application from the application catalog on that page
Answer: D

8.When Gerald's company developed a new application for Workplace Services Express, it did not fit into any of the categories of previous applications, such as Team Spaces or Document Libraries. In addition to creating a new category, what else must he do to make the application available for users?
A.Create a new application catalog list
B.Nothing, the application will show up with others
C.Create a new page with a link to the new application
D.Create an application catalog portlet to list all applications belonging to the new category and a page to contain the new application catalog portlet
Answer: D

9.Philip created a new application catalog portlet. How does he configure it for a new category of application?
A.Modify the catalog policy setting in the WebSphere Administration Console
B.Open the Administration screen, choose the portlet and configure its properties
C.Because category association is automatic based on the name of the portlet, he does nothing
D.Open the page that contains the catalog portlet, click the configure wrench icon, and then select the category
Answer: D

10.Arman has deployed and supports several applications on a Workplace Services Express server. In order to edit applications, which role must be assigned to a user?
C.Super User
Answer: B

11.Tim's company is preparing to deploy its first modified template. Which of the following are valid template roles?
A.Template owner, editor and user
B.Template owner, manager, and editor
C.Template administrator, editor and user
D.Template administrator, owner, and editor
Answer: A

12.The hierarchy of workplace objects that you see in the Access Settings table of the Roles portlet controls access to applications. Rob wants to change permissions to applications here. What are the available options?
A.None, Member or Manager
B.No Access, User or Editor
C.Member, Editor or Manager
D.Reader, Author, Editor or Manager
Answer: A

13.Charlie is installing Workplace Services Express, and it has been described as an "archive" installation. What does this mean?
A.The installation comes from ZIP files, hence the name
B.The server can be backed up to an archive during installation
C.During installation, the server makes a copy of itself in a safe location for quick recovery
D.The entire system including default settings has been archived into compressed files, is installed and fixed up for immediate use
Answer: D

14.In addition to backing up and restoring the install_root\AppServer and install_root\PortalServer subdirectories, what else should Christa backup to maintain a solid restore point?
A.Log files
B.Web server files
C.Operating system files
D.Portal databases and LDAP servers, in parallel
Answer: D

15.What is required for Soledad to do when restoring WebSphere Application Server backup files?
A.Copy the entire logical partition to the same location
B.Allow the online backup solution to determine the restore point
C.Copy the install_root\AppServer subdirectory to the same location
D.Copy the install_root\PortalServer subdirectory to the same location
Answer: C

16.When restoring IBM HTTP web server files, where does Judy copy the files?
A.She copies them to the \PortalServer\bin directory
B.She copies them to the \AppServer\servers\http\ directory
C.She copies them to the alias directory on the network device serving HTTP
D.She copies them to the \IBMHTTPServer directory, or the installation directory if different
Answer: D

17.Claudette is considering installing Workplace Services Express with a response file. Under what circumstances would she want to do that?
A.If she needed to install in a clustered environment
B.If she has Windows Terminal Services installed on the server
C.If she wants to provide Workplace Services Express in accessibility mode for disabled users
D.If the graphical installation was not desirable, or if she wants to install on multiple machines
Answer: D

18.When Gabriella configures Workplace Services Express to use an external Web server, how does she enable communication between the Web server and WebSphere Application Server?
A.She configures VT100 for telnet sessions between the servers
B.She uses FTP to migrate files from the Workplace server and the Web server
C.She configures a Web Services interface to the Web server so it can accept SOAP calls
D.She uses a Web server plugin, which determines whether a request is handled by the Web server or the application server
Answer: D

19.Where should Becky install Workplace Services Express and why, knowing that she'll be using her existing LDAP user registry?
A.On a separate machine from her LDAP server, for performance purposes
B.On the same machine as her LDAP server, to avoid network latency during authentication
C.On the same machine as her LDAP server, because it is the only supported configuration
D.On a different machine from her LDAP server, because it is the only supported configuration
Answer: A

20.What must Jane do to make a portlet available to her Workplace Services Express site users?
A.She uses Manage Applications to import the portlet.
B.She renames another portlet, then copies the .war file to it.
C.She imports the portlet into the Application Center in a Team Space.
D.She navigates to Administration > Portlets > Install, and browses for the .war file in the directory in which the portlet is located, then clicks on Next, verifies the portlet is correct, and clicks on Install
Answer: D

21.Johnathan wishes to designate what users see when returning to Workplace Services Express on subsequent visits. Which Portal Setting area will let him change this?
A.Find URL
B.Return Visits
C.Global Settings
D.Transcoding Options
Answer: C

22.What two portlets will remain unchanged on the welcome page, even when Kali chooses a new theme for the welcome page?
A.People Finder and Instant Messaging
B.Team Spaces and Applications
C.Team Spaces and People Finder
D.Applications and Instant Messaging
Answer: A

23.What does Ellen need in order to configure the Web server to support HTTPS in a production environment?
A.A DNS entry to accommodate the new protocol
B.A certificate from a trusted certificate authority
C.The hosts file that has been modified with the security information
D.A letter of authorization from the SSL certificate provider
Answer: B

24.What kind of information can Beth find out about a role using the User and Group Permissions portlet?
A.A report of how many users have the role and across which resources
B.Invalid attempts to access the resources by users with no role assignments
C.Who assigned the role, whether it is currently in effect or has been retired, and the activity of the resource
D.If a role is explicitly assigned, implicitly acquired through group membership, or inherited through the resource hierarchy
Answer: D

25.Which portlets does Jeremie use when she wants to administer access control for the portlets and other portal components?
A.Resources Permissions, User and Group Permissions, and Security
B.Resources Permissions, Portlet Settings, and Manage Users and Groups portlets
C.Portlet Activity, User and Group Permissions, and Manage Users and Groups portlets
D.Resources Permissions, User and Group Permissions, and Manage Users and Groups portlets
Answer: D

26.Elizabeth is studying the concept of traversal support. Where is traversal support provided?
A.In security settings
B.In portlets and pages
C.In pages and URL mappings
D.In applications and templates
Answer: C

27.Why should Christa avoid assigning roles to individual users?
A.Individual users change names too often
B.Assigning too many roles affects performance
C.Assigning individual roles promotes politicization of the security process
D.Assigning roles to groups reduces the number of role mappings and simplifies maintenance
Answer: D

28.How does resource ownership happen?
A.Resource ownership is delegated by users with Delegator roles, or by Privileged Users.
B.When a user creates a new resource, such as a page, that user automatically becomes the owner of that resource.
C.Administrators set resource ownership in the Advanced LDAP section of the WebSphere Administrative Console.
D.Users must be assigned ownership of a resource by an Administrator or another resource owner in the same application.
Answer: B

29.By default, each resource in a hierarchy inherits the role assignments of its parent resource. Why would Liz want to block this inheritance?
A.To have more granular access control
B.To prevent conflict with public resource ownership
C.To prevent conflict with private resource ownership
D.To prevent unauthorized access to a resource high in the resource hierarchy
Answer: A

30.Ghezal is assigning roles to users. What is the difference between permissions given to Manager and Editor roles?
A.An Editor can configure existing resources used only by themselves; a Manager can delete existing users
B.An Editor can create new resources, but cannot delete existing resources; a Manager can delete other Managers
C.An Editor can create new resources and configure existing resources used by multiple users, but cannot delete existing resources; a Manager can delete existing users
D.An Editor can create new resources and configure existing resources used by multiple users and can delete existing resources; a Manager can delete existing applications and users
Answer: C

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