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IBM LOT-804 Exam -

Free LOT-804 Sample Questions:

1. Look at the following JavaScript function:
function clickButton
document.forms[0].submitMe.onclick( )
Which one of the following will this function do?
A.Run a global JavaScript function named onclick( ).
B.Run the onclick event of an object named submitMe.
C.Place the cursor in an input on the form named submitMe.
D.Run a JavaScript function named onclick( ) that is on a form object named submitMe.
Answer: B 

2. Uma has written the following code to compare two values in the form onSubmit event:
if (resp = 'Boston')
alert ("You are from Boston.");
} else {
alert ("You are not from Boston.");
Uma tests her form. However, every time she saves it, the alert says "You are from Boston.", even when she enters "New York". Which one of the following causes this to happen?
A.The form name should be used to reference the form.
B.The city field on the form is named "City", not "city".
C.The comparison operator to test equality should be "==".
D.There is no "End If" at the end of the If statement block.
Answer: C 

3. Bob sees the following in a JavaScript function marked as pass-thru HTML code in a form:
alert("Client Platform: " + "")
What code in the Computed Text area would display the client platform for Bob?
A.@If(@ClientType = "Notes";"Notes";"Web")
B.@If(@BrowserType = "Notes";"Notes";"Web")
C.@If(@ClientType = "IE";"Internet Explorer";@ClientType = "Mozilla";"Mozilla";"Notes")
D.@If(@BrowserVersion = "IE";"Internet Explorer";@BrowserVersion = "Mozilla";"Mozilla";"Notes")
Answer: A 

4. Seymour wants to write some JavaScript that will be triggered every time a user moves the mouse over a certain paragraph on a form. Which of the following things could he make the paragraph into, so it would react to an onMouseOver event on the Web?
B.Link Hotspot
C.Layout Region
D.Action Hotspot
Answer: D 

5. Clara used three Domino subforms to create a page on the Web. How many HTML form tags were rendered when it was opened in editmode?
Answer: B 

6. Donna is using the history object to create a dynamic back button on a Video form. The history object is under which one of the following objects?
Answer: B 

7. In which one of the following events should Jim enter JavaScript code to validate a field in use for both Notes clients and Web clients?
D.Input Validation
Answer: A 

8. Karl is creating a JavaScript program in the JS header of a form to input new video releases. Which one of the following comment delimiters would NOT be allowed?
B./* and */
D.All of the above are allowed.
Answer: C 

9. Norma wants to make sure the users selected a choice in a radio button field. Which one of the following properties will tell her that a particular choice was selected?
Answer: B 

10. Karen is writing some JavaScript to display information about a movie when the user clicks a button. Which one of the following characters will be ignored in Karen's script?
C.Tab characters
D.Single quotation marks
Answer: C 

11. The following code will produce a run-time error:
{// Line 1
path=location.pathname.toLowerCase( );// Line 2
nsfPos=path.indexOf(".nsf");// Line 3
path=path.substring(0, nsfpos+5);// Line 4
Which one of the lines is incorrect?
A.Line 1
B.Line 2
C.Line 3
D.Line 4
Answer: D 

12. Given the following:
Which one of the following is the "submitMe(this.form)" portion of the tag called?
A.Button event
B.Event handler
C.Button method
D.onClick method
Answer: B 

13. Look at the following code for the onClick event of a button:
function printvar()
var1 = 20;
alert( 'the value of var1 is ' + var1 );
var var1 = 10;
Which one of the following will be the value of var1 in the alert message?
Answer: B 

14. Jon used the @IsMember @Function in his Notes application to search for the word "member" in a line of text. Which one of the following JavaScript string methods would allow him to do a similar thing?
Answer: D 

15. Raphael is creating a text field on a Domino form that will be used to enter product descriptions in the Video form. The text field object is directly under which one of the following in the document object model?
A.Text object
B.Form object
C.Video object
D.Document object
Answer: B 

16. Jane declared JavaScript variables using the following code:
var frm;
var fname;
var lname;
var dname;
var ename;
In which one of the following were these declarations made to make their scope global?
A.JS Header
C.HTML Head Content
D.{Globals}, {Declarations}
Answer: A 

17. Inga wants to determine in her JavaScript if the user is using the Notes client or a Web browser. Which one of the following JavaScript properties will tell her that information?
D.You cannot determine this using JavaScript.
Answer: B 

18. Look at the following JavaScript code:
var textvalue = "This video stars Steve M....";
Which one of the following code lines will return the index of the first occurrence of the substring "Steve"?
A.indexOf ("Steve");
C.textvalue.indexOf ("Steve");
D.textvalue.substring ("Steve");
Answer: C 

19. Look at the following JavaScript code segment:
var fullStr = new String( "Hello World!");
var subS = "World";
var subStart =
Which one of the following should be placed in the to find the position of a substring within a string object?
C.substring(fullStr, subS);
D.fullStr.substring(0, subS);
Answer: A 

20. Dan is writing a JavaScript statement to display a message about the movie of the week. Which one of the following strings would NOT be properly interpreted by JavaScript in an alert dialog box?
A.alert("My brother said, 'I like this movie.'")
B.alert("This week\'s movie is my brother\'s favorite")
C.alert('This is my brother's favorite movie of the week.')
D.alert("The movie of the week is my brother\'s favorite.")
Answer: C

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