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IBM LOT-800 Exam -

Free LOT-800 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following terms describes the ability of a user to detect when other users are online?
D.Participant List
Answer: B

2.Your Sametime environment includes a Sametime server inside the firewall and a Sametime
server outside the firewall. Both servers are in unique Domino organizations. What is the first step
in connecting the two Sametime servers?
A.You must ensure the two servers are on the same network segment
B.You must ensure that the two Sametime servers are cross-certified
C.You must ensure the server outside the firewall has tunneling enabled
D.You must ensure the server inside the firewall has a lower IP address than the server outside the firewall
Answer: B

3.By default, which one of the communication methods listed will Sametime Mobile clients
communicate with the Sametime server?
A.Port 80, using Sametime tunneling and a VPN solution
B.Port 1533, using the standard Sametime Connect client access
C.Port 443, using Sametime via HTTP and a valid SSL certificate
D.Port 8082, using the Sametime Links protocol and 128-bit encryption
Answer: D

4.To provide security and scaling you have implemented multiplexers outside of the firewall
connected to a Sametime server cluster behind the firewall. The multiplexer and Sametime
servers communicate over which port by default?
Answer: C

5.Which of the following lists the order in which the Sametime client will attempt to transmit audio
streams for voice chat?
A.Client and then multicast
B.Server and then multicast
C.Peer-to-peer and then server
D.Peer-to-peer and then client
Answer: C

6.Which of the following can attach to Community Services through HTTPS-tunneled connections?
A.Sametime Connect
B.Meeting Room Client and Java Connect client
C.Sametime Connect and the integrated Notes client
D.Meeting Room Client and the integrated Notes client
Answer: A

7.IP audio chats are limited to how many total participants?
Answer: B

8.In the Sametime Community for the Brown Corporation, they have six servers. To provide
failover, they want to create mutliple Sametime clusters inside the community. Which of the
following is required for this scenario to work?
A.Servers that are not part of any cluster must be removed from the community.
B.The Domino directory must contain as many Sametime cluster documents as there are clusters
C.A cluster document for each cluster must only exist on servers in the community involved in the cluster.
D.A cluster document for each cluster must exist in the Sametime Configuration database on each server in the community.
Answer: D

9.The Sametime administrator has successfully created a Sametime Community cluster of three
Sametime servers. However, users are not being load balanced between the servers when
connecting to the Community Services via the Sametime Connect client. Which of the following is
the cause of users not properly load balanced?
A.The users have not loaded the Sametime Connect Cluster client
B.The Sametime Connect client is unable to take advantage of Sametime clusters, it is only for meetings using a web browser
C.The Sametime Connect client must be reinstalled with the '-cluster' flag setting to see the Sametime cluster configuration
D.The Sametime cluster name is not specified in the ome Sametime Server field of the person documents in the Domino Directory
Answer: D

10.While in the Sametime Connect 8.0 client, you wish to retrieve a new plug-in to enable into your client. Which of the following provides this capability?
A.New Tool Site
B.New Remote Site
C.New Server Site
D.New Plug-in Site
Answer: B

11.As the Sametime administrator, you have the Sametime Meeting Room clients using HTTP to
establish connections with the Community Services multiplexer. Which of the following features
did you enable?
A.Disable Direct TCP/IP connectivity to Community Services
B.Redirect Community Service client connections to HTTP tunneling
C.Provide HTTP tunneling services to SOCKS Proxy connections for Community Services
D.Enable the Meeting Room client to try HTTP tunneling to the Community Services after trying other options
Answer: D

12.You have successfully created numerous Sametime policies assigned to users and groups in a
LDAP directory. However, you wish to see just the policies that apply to the Europe group. Which
of the following will accomplish this?
A.LDAP folder filters
B.Policy search filters
C.Group policy listings
D.Sametime policy sorting
Answer: B

13.You are utilizing the Sametime Gateway to connect your Sametime environment to another SIP
environment. Which of the following is required to be specified in your Sametime LDAP settings?
A.The cn value in the LDAP server must be unique
B.The lookup from Sametime to the LDAP server must be one level deep
C.The "Attribute of a person entry that defines a person's e-mail address" must be defined
D.The name that binds to the LDAP server from Sametime must be a LDAP administrator and local administrator
Answer: C

14.You wish for users to still transfer files if even if the virus scanning fails to load or scan the file
in transit. Which of the following is the proper choice to allow this functionality?
Answer: B

15.With a Sametime server utilizing LDAP servers as the authenticating sources, which of the
following is the order in which directory lookups are performed?
A.Sametime clients connect directly to the LDAP server.
B.Sametime clients connect to the Sametime server. The Sametime server redirects the Sametime client to connect directly to the LDAP server.
C.Sametime clients connect to the Sametime server. The Sametime server establishes a network
connection to the LDAP server and passes the Sametime client to the LDAP server.
D.Sametime clients connect to the Sametime server. The Sametime server establishes a network
connection to the LDAP server and performs searches and authentication on behalf of the Sametime clients.
Answer: D

16.Since implementing a reverse proxy server for Sametime, which of the following will not
function from outside the reverse proxy?
A.Sametime links
B.Sametime administration tool
C.Sametime Connect for browsers
D.Sametime Recorded Meeting client
Answer: B

17.To deploy integration features for Microsoft Office and Sametime, certain processing and steps
must be performed by the administrator. Which of the following best represent the necessary
A.Modify the install.xml file to enable msofficeinstall.exe.
B.Modify the file to invoke oi_setup.bat.
C.Modify the install manifest to exclude plugin_customization.ini.
D.Modify the compatibility setting to match the currently deployed version number for Microsoft Office
Answer: B

18.You are connecting the Sametime Gateway to your internal Sametime servers. Which of the
following is the default port over which the two servers will communicate?
Answer: C

19.Your environment contains separate multiplexers that connect to your Sametime Community
cluster. You need to add another multiplexer for scaling purposes. You have successfully loaded
the multiplexer and pointed it to the Sametime server. However, the Sametime server is rejecting
the connection. Which of the following best describes the reason for this issue?
A.You have installed the multiplexer into a separate network segment
B.You have not placed the multiplexers into the trusted IP field on the Sametime servers
C.You have installed the multiplexer into a separate Domino domain than the Sametime servers
D.You have not installed the Sametime connector and configured the Sametime server to accept
multiplexer connections
Answer: B

20.You have already established a single Sametime server with an additional directory for partners and one for customers. It was decided to create another Sametime server and create a Sametime Community. Which of the following is required to add the new server to the community?
A.All directories should be replicated to the new server
B.The primary Domino Directory should be replicated to the new server
C.The new server should replicate the entire STCONFIG.nsf database from the existing server
D.The Sametime Administrator servlet from the existing server should be copied to the new server to provide consistent administration setup
Answer: B

21.Your Sametime environment has users that utilize the Sametime Connect for browsers client.
You wish to alter the default connectivity settings by performing which of the following steps?
A.Manually enter the server address into the Sametime servlet
B.Add an applet parameter to the HTML code on the Sametime server
C.Prepare a secure desktop installation of the Sametime Connect for browsers for the kiosks
D.Create a kiosk mode document in stconfig.nsf that specifies all the required settings for browser connections
Answer: B

22.While preparing a Sametime Connect install for a silent installation, which of the following files
must be copied and modified?
A.The installer.xml and packaging.bat files
B.The setup.bat and the silentinstall.ini files
C.The mainifest.xml and files
D.The install.manifest and the customization.ini files
Answer: B

23.As the administrator, you have created a Sametime Community cluster containing 3 (three)
servers, with all servers configured to utilize a dedicated meeting server outside of the cluster.
Currently users are logged into all the servers. A user on server 1 requests an instant meeting with users that are currently logged into server 2 and server 3. On which server does the meeting take place?
A.The meeting will take place on the dedicated meeting server for all the users.
B.The meeting will take place on the Community server of the person requesting the meeting for all the users.
C.The meeting will be generated on all the Community servers with each user attending on the server that they are currently connected to.
D.The meeting will take place on the configured dedicated meeting server for the invited attendees, but the meeting requestor will stay on the Community server they are connected to
Answer: B

24.While configuring audio/video tunneling on your Sametime server, you find that which one of
the following is required?
A.The audio/video services must be tunneled on port 8084 for HTTP services
B.The audio/video services must not be accessed across a firewall when tunneled
C.The Sametime server must be utilizing a LDAP directory as the authentication source
D.The audio/video services must be assigned a separate IP address from the IP address already
assigned to the Sametime server
Answer: D

25.While you are visiting at a customer site, a direct connection via the Sametime protocol will not
work because they have reverse proxies in place. You modify your Sametime Connect client to
utilize a direct connection using the HTTP protocol. Which of the following is the next step
performed to your connection request?
A.The client tunnels all traffic to your Sametime server over port 80.
B.The client opens a Web browser and connects over port 80 to the Sametime server.
C.The client launches the Java Connect client from your Sametime server and connects over HTTP.
D.The client encases the standard Sametime protocol connection information within an HTTP request.
Answer: D

26.Certain files that users are uploading for the whiteboard function of meetings are not being
formatted correctly. To preserve the formatting, which of the following can be utilized for the
A.Sametime Print Capture
B.Sametime File Extender
C.Sametime Meeting Toolset
D.Sametime Screen Reflector
Answer: A

27.Mark is online and logged into his home Sametime server, which is part of a Community Cluster. He is starting a n-way chat with users on three other Sametime servers. On which server(s) does the chat take place?
A.All servers to which users in the chat are connected
B.Only servers in the Community cluster to which Mark belongs
C.The server that Mark is connected to at the time that the chat is created
D.One server in the Community Cluster and all servers outside the cluster that users are logged into
Answer: C

28.When the "Use my Internet Explorer HTTP settings" option is selected in the Sametime
Connectivity settings, Sametime Connect performs which of the following steps first for
connection to the Sametime server?
A.The Sametime Connect client launches an Internet browser and connects via HTTP.
B.The Sametime Connect client attempts a direct Sametime protocol over TCP/IP connection to the Community Services.
C.The Sametime Connect client uses the Web connectivity (or proxy) settings of the Web browser to establish a connection with the Community Services.
D.The Sametime Connect client generates an error if a HTTP proxy is not specified in the HTTP settings of Internet Explorer and prompts the user to correct the proxy information.
Answer: C

29.You are having issues showing certain users from your LDAP directory that you have
established as the Sametime server source. You can successfully authenticate and return some
users, however others are missing. You have set the lookups to search the entire subtree of
directory entries beneath the base object of the search. What type of scope are you utilizing?
D.One Level
Answer: C

30.Which of the following provides the ability to take files of various formats (slides, images,
documents, etc.) and provides a bitmap rendering?
A.Sametime Meeting Services
B.Sametime Community Services
C.Sametime Conversion Services
D.Sametime Broadcasting Services
Answer: C

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