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IBM LOT-739 Exam -

Free LOT-739 Sample Questions:

1. Rob, the Domino administrator, wishes users to be able to store their user preferences in cookies for all the Domino Web sites in the DNS domain. Which setting allows this?
A. Disabled
B. DNS-server
C. Multi-server
D. Single-server
Answer: C

2. William wishes to migrate his company's Notes certifier to the new Certificate Authority process. He has chosen to encrypt the Certifier ID with a Lock ID. What Domino server console command must be issued next?
A. load unlock ca
B. load ca unlock
C. tell ca activate
D. tell ca unlock
Answer: D

3. Barbara wants to use the same Web Site document for mutiple servers. What must be done to enable this?
A. The Web Site document must be copied and pasted into each server document manually.
B. By default, Web Site documents are not associated with specific Domino servers, so no additional steps are necessary.
C. The Web Site document must be manually modified by a design change that allows all servers in the domain to see the Web Site document.
D. By default, Web Site documents may not be utilized for more than one server in the domain. A new document must be created for each server.
Answer: B

4. Which of the following Web browser options is required for a user to log onto a Domino server using session based authentication?
A. Java
C. Cookies
D. JavaScript
Answer: C

5. Andy, a system administrator, is implementing a Web cluster of Domino servers for load balancing. Which of the following will provide native Web failover in Domino?
Answer: A

6. Which one of the following describes the function of Maria's Internet Cluster Manager (ICM) server?
A. It is an input control manager.
B. It maintains a list of Domino servers in clusters.
C. It redirects HTTP traffic to the most available server in a cluster.
D. It directs Internet Information Server (IIS) requests to the HTTP server.
Answer: C

7. Which one of the following best describes where Certificate Revocation Lists are stored?
A. In the ICL database and the Domino Directory
B. In the Server document in the Domino Directory
C. In the security document in the Domino Directory
D. In a TXT file in the default directory on the server
Answer: A

8. David wants to view the expired certificates in the Certification Revocation List (CRL). In which one of the following would David find this information?
A. In the CRL document in the Domino Directory
B. In the Domain document in the Domino Directory
C. In the Server document in the Domino Directory
D. In the Certifier document in the Domino Directory
Answer: D

9. Josie made a change to the Web site's Site configuration document which caused WebDav to stop functioning. Which ONE of the following changes would cause WebDAV to stop working?
A. A DSAPI filter was enabled.
B. Session Authentication was enabled.
C. POP3 was loaded on the same server.
D. Internet Site documents were created.
Answer: B

10. Dominique is moving files from one directory to another on the same Web server. What type of rule should be created so new links do not need to be created?
A. Direction Rule
B. Directory Rule
C. Redirection Rule
D. Substitution Rule
Answer: D

11. Andrea, the Domino administrator, is attempting to provide SSL authentication for each Internet Site Document. Which of the following is required to accomplish this?
A. A single keyring file for the Web server
B. A server keyring file for each site document
C. Multiple HTTP instances on the Domino server
D. Multiple keyring files for each site document
Answer: B

12. For Web sites, the common name on the server key ring must match which of the following?
A. The DNS name
B. The name of the Domino administrator
C. It must match only the actual Domino server name
D. The database name or HTML page that will be the Web site's homepage
Answer: A

13. The TCP authentication field for 'Anonymous' is set to "No". What effect does this setting have?
A. No Web users will obtain access.
B. All anonymous users are prohibited access.
C. All connections to the Domino server must be made via SSL.
D. All connections to the Domino server must always be anonymous.
Answer: B

14. To run Java applets created with Java Notes classes on a Domino Web server, which of the following server tasks must be running?
Answer: C

15. Carl, a user, performs a domain search against a Domino server from his browser. One of the returned databases resides on a server outside of the search server. What must be configured on the Domino server to present Carl with a correct link to the other server?
A. The DIIOP field must be enabled.
B. The second Domino server must have SMTP enabled.
C. The 'Generating References to this Server' field must be configured.
D. The 'Allow Remote Searches to Include this Server' field must be set to 'Yes'.
Answer: C

16. Rob wishes to apply Web rules to multiple Web sites. Which of the following would he utilize?
A. HTTP Threads
B. Expires header
C. Global Web Settings
D. Last-Modified headers
Answer: C

17. Kyle wishes to specify an alternate location for HTML files to be stored on the Domino server. Which field would he modify to achieve this?
A. HTML Database
B. Icon URL Path
C. HTML Directory
D. Icon Directory
Answer: C

18. Which of the following allow you to write your own extensions to the Domino Web Server?
Answer: D

19. Jerry, a Web user, has customized his preferences while visiting a Domino 6 Web server. Where are the preferences stored?
A. On his local machine in a cookie
B. On the Domino server in a cookie
C. On the Domino server in a Notes database
D. On his local machine in a Notes database
Answer: A

20. RJ, the Domino administrator, is configuring rules to replace one or more parts of an incoming URL with a new string. What type of rule is he creating?
A. Directory
B. Redirection
C. Substitution
D. HTTP Response Header
Answer: C

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