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IBM LOT-441 Exam -

Free LOT-441 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which step is necessary when choosing a large deployment for installing IBM Connections 4.0?
A. have databases on multiple instances
B. accept the predefined node for each cluster
C. if the administrator enters a custom server member name, the name must be unique across all nodes in the deployment
D. if the administrator enters a custom server member name, the name must not be unique across all nodes in the deployment
Answer: C

Q: 2
Which two IBM Connections applications can use IBM Lotus Quickr places to publish documents and store and manage files? (Choose two.)
A. Files
B. Blogs
C. Profiles
D. Activities
E. Communities
Answer: D,E

Q: 3
Which option is, by default, set too small for IBM Connections to work and should be the first item to adjust after installation?
A. Cache Size
B. JVM Heap Size
C. Java Thread Pools
D. Database Connections Pool
Answer: D

Q: 4
What are two strategies when upgrading to IBM Connections 4.0? (Choose two.)
A. Internal
B. Archival
C. In-place
D. Mirroring
E. Side-by-Side
Answer: C,E

Q: 5
What must be set up when installing IBM Cognos Business Intelligence?
A. the JRE driver
B. the JDBC driver
C. the LDAP driver
D. the Deployment Manager
Answer: B

Q: 6
Along with Login ID, which two options are required so that a developer can use the User SPI to retrieve more information about a person? (Choose two.)
A. Title
B. Address
C. Date of Birth
D. E-mail Address
E. Unique User ID
Answer: D,E

Q: 7
A customer wants to add some widgets to the Profiles on their IBM Connections instance. Which client is used to access the Profiles configuration files that must be edited?
A. wstool
B. wsprofile
C. wsadmin
D. wsconnect
Answer: C

Q: 8
What does the IBM WebSphere environment variable CONNECTIONS_CUSTOMIZATION_PATH define?
A. The directory path that contains the LotusConnections-Config.xml file.
B. The customization directory for all JAR updates and recent IBM Connection fixes.
C. The directory path used to define all the customization paths for error and trace logs.
D. The customization directory that includes changes to static HTML, images, JavaScript, and JSP files that are shared across all Connections applications.
Answer: D

Q: 9
Each of the IBM Connections applications has a script file to be used during administration. Which file is used to manage the Bookmarks application?
Answer: A

Q: 10
The IBM Connections Homepage allows for administration directly on the Homepage user interface. Which three administration tasks can be done from this interface? (Choose three.)
A. enable and disable widgets
B. change navigation flows of the page
C. enable and disable the My Page view
D. change the branding of the Homepage
E. provide access to content on the Homepage
F. add custom widgets for use on the Homepage
Answer: A,C,F

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