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Juniper JN0-660 Exam -

Free JN0-660 Sample Questions:

1.You are the administrator for a network that uses IBGP. As the network grows, you must examine options to support increased scale. Which two scaling options should you consider? (Choose two.)
A. route reflection
B. areas
C. zones
D. confederations
Answer: B, C

2.You manage an MPLS network where the PE devices consist of multiple vendors. You are asked to conceal the MPLS topology for all LSPs. Which global configuration parameter will accomplish this?
A. Configure no-decrement-ttl on the ingress router only.
B. Configure no-propagate-ttl on the ingress router only.
C. Configure no-decrement-ttl on all routers within the MPLS network.
D. Configure no-propagate-ttl on all routers within the MPLS network.
Answer: D

3.In which two ways does VPLS populate the MAC table? (Choose two.)
A. dynamically using BGP
B. dynamically using the source MAC address on received frames
C. dynamically using LDP
D. statically using CLI
Answer: B, D

4.Which CoS feature supports per-VLAN queuing and scheduling?
A. multilevel scheduling
B. hierarchical scheduling
C. tagged queuing
D. per-instance queuing
Answer: C

5.Which two statements are true about OSPFv3? (Choose two.)
A. OSPFv3 uses a 32-bit router ID to uniquely identify a node in the network.
B. OSPFv3 uses a 128-bit router ID to uniquely identify a node in the network.
C. OSPFv3 routes are always preferred over OSPFv2 routes for all traffic.
D. OSPFv3 and OSPFv2 can be configured at the same time.
Answer: A, D

6.Your are the administrator for a network that uses IS -IS as its IGP. As the network grows, you find that the protocol's default capabilities for setting metrics is limiting y our options. Which feature can you implement to provide a larger range of metric configuration capabilities?
A. extended metrics
B. wide metrics
C. expanded metrics
D. full metrics
Answer: D

7.You are provisioning a new customer for access to your Layer 3 VPN. The customer is using as their internal IP address space, which is also being u sed by an existing Layer 3 VPN customer. The two customers share many PE routers in common across your network. Which mechanism allows these duplicate addresses to exist in your network?
A. route origin
B. route target
C. route refresh
D. route distinguisher
Answer: D

8.Which operational mode command displays the number of configured forwarding classes?
A. show interfaces queue ge-1/0/0
B. show interfaces terse
C. show class-of-service interface
D. show forwarding classes
Answer: A

9.Your multicast receivers are indirectly connected to an MX Series router. The receivers need to join multicast group What must be configured in IGMP t o receive report messages from receivers that are multiple hops away?
A. By default, IGMP accepts report messages from indirectly connected receivers.
B. Promiscuous mode must be enabled in IGMP.
C. Promiscuous mode must be disabled in IGMP.
D. DVMRP protocol must be configured.
Answer: B

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