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Juniper JN0-380 Exam -

Free JN0-380 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
When data capacity planning is configured and enabled, which three settings are configured for the coverage area? (Choose three.)
A. Per Station Throughput
B. Expected Station Count
C. Expected RF Band (2.4GHz or 5 GHz)
D. Station Oversubscription Ratio
E. Active Clients per AP
Answer: A,B,D

Q: 2
A customer wants to establish bidirectional trust between the WLC and the RingMaster management system.
Which default self-signed certificate on the WLC must be replaced to ensure bidirectional trust?
A. Web-portal certificate
B. SSH certificate
C. admin certificate
D. 802.1x certificate
Answer: C

Q: 3
You made changes to a few settings on your WLCs in the network plan. However, the changes do not deploy to the network.
Where would you view warnings about best-practice violations in the WLC configuration settings?
A. Alarms
B. Policies
C. Configuration
D. Verification
Answer: D

Q: 4
Your manager asks you to implement a secure SSID that will authenticate users to a Microsoft Active Directory database.
What is required to interface between the WLC and the database?
C. Kerberos
D. 802.1x/EAP
Answer: B

Q: 5
You have installed your AP in the proper location on your network. The AP needs to obtain configuration information from a controller before it can support wireless clients.
What are three methods that an AP uses to do this? (Choose three.)
A. ICMP ping
B. Keepalive packets
C. DNS Lookup
D. L2 Broadcast
E. DHCP Option 43
Answer: C,D,E

Q: 6
What are three ways to add a coverage area in RF planning? (Choose three.)
A. Use a rectangle.
B. Use a circle.
C. Use a polygon.
D. Use a layer from the CAD file.
E. Use an RSSI value.
Answer: A,C,D

Q: 7
Your manager asks you to create a service profile using WPA2 with a preshared key.
Using the RingMaster tool, which two wizards are available to automate this process? (Choose two.)
A. 802.1x Service Profile
B. Web-Portal Service Profile
C. Open Access Service Profile
D. Location Service Profile
Answer: B,C

Q: 8
You are monitoring your wireless network using RingMaster and you want to see the wireless clients connected to the network.
Which monitoring view allows you to do this?
A. Traffic Monitor Dashboard
B. Reports Dashboard
C. Client Dashboard
D. Client Policy Dashboard
Answer: C

Q: 9
A company has five access points (APs) and needs to connect them directly to the wireless LAN controller (WLC) using the on-board Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports.
Which WLC will accomplish this task?
C. WLC800
D. WLC880
Answer: B

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