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Juniper JN0-340 Exam -

Free JN0-340 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A stateful firewall on a J-series router is applied to which interface?

A. WAN interface
B. Trusted interface
C. Loopback interface
D. Untrusted Interface

Answer: D

Q: 2
Which CLI command is used to view the current NAT pools being used on the router?

A. show nat pool
B. show services nat
C. show nat configuration
D. show services nat pool

Answer: D

Q: 3
A J-series router can classify packets using which three methods? (Choose three)

A. Evil bit
B. 802.1P
D. MLPPP bundle
E. Multifield classifier

Answer: B, C, E

Q: 4
When configuring an IPSec tunnel on a J-series router, which two options are required? (Choose two)

A. IKE secret key
B. Encryption algorithm
C. Remote tunnel hostname
D. Remote tunnel endpoint address

Answer: A, D

Q: 5
The use of NAT can break the operation of protocols which signal dynamic port numbers within the packet flow. Which technology can be used in a NAT configuration to solve this problem?

A. Stateful firewall
B. Intrusion detection
C. Port address translation
D. Application layer gateways

Answer: D

Q: 6
Which two statements accurately reflect the operation of a packet filter on a J-series router? (Choose two)

A. It maintains protocol state
B. It does not maintain protocol state
C. It processes packets independently of a particular flow
D. It processes packets within the context of a particular flow

Answer: B, C

Q: 7
The built-in service module on a J-series router supports which two service types?(Choose two)


Answer: A, C

Q: 8
ON a J-series router, where does the JUNOS software operate?

B. Zip Drive
C. Hard Drive
D. Compact Flash

Answer: D

Q: 9
Which two J-series router contain modular PIM slots? (Choose two)

A. J2300
B. J3200
C. J4300
D. J6300
E. J7500

Answer: B, E

Q: 10
What are two services provided by the SDX? (Choose two)

A. Usage tracking and accounting
B. Customized firewall modifications
C. Secure remote access to the router
D. An XML interface for router configuration

Answer: A, B

Q: 11
Which J-series router process is responsible for collecting statistics?

A. rpd
B. fwdd
C. chassisd
D. fwdd-unix

Answer: D

Q: 12
Which network utility can test for Layer 3 reach ability?

B. ping
D. ipconfig

Answer: B

Q: 13
Which CLI command allows you to view traceoptions entries in real time?

A. debug "filename"
B. show log "filename"
C. monitor start "filename"
D. show traceoptions "filename"

Answer: C

Q: 14

Which CLI command allows you to determine how many licenses are currently purchased for the router, used on the router, and are further needed for the router?

A. show system license key
B. show system license usage
C. show system license total
D. show system license profile

Answer: B

Q: 15
Which J-Web menu displays any active alarms on the router?

A. Monitor -> Chassis
B. Manage -> Chassis
C. Diagnose -> Chassis
D. Troubleshoot -> Chassis

Answer: A

Q: 16
Which configuration directory is used by syslog within the JUNOS software?

A. [edit syslog]
B. [edit logging]
C. edit system syslog]
D. edit system logging]

Answer: C

Q: 17
Which CLI command displays the current OSPF configuration on a j-series router?

A. show protocols ospf
B. show ospf configuration
C. show configuration ospf
D. show configuration protocol ospf

Answer: D

Q: 18
How do you enable the real-time output of a log file to the user's terminal screen?

A. Use the ESC-X key sequence
B. Use the ESC-Q key sequence
C. Issue the show log command
D. Issue the terminal monitor command

Answer: B

Q: 19
Within the output of the monitor interface command, which two counters are visible? (Choose two)

A. Output bytes
B. Input keepalives
C. Inbound IP address
D. Outbound HDLC keepalives

Answer: A, B

Q: 20

A. show flash
B. show storage
C. show system flash
D. show system storage

Answer: D

Q: 21
On a J-series router, what is the default file used for syslog messages?

A. system
B. errors
C. security
D. messages

Answer: D

Q: 22
What type of license is tied to a specific ID value and can only be used on a unique chassis?

A. Group
B. Device
C. Software
D. Hardware

Answer: B

Q: 23
Which two boot devices are available on all J-series routers? (Choose two)

B. Hard Drive
D. Compact Flash

Answer: A, D

Q: 24
When a J-series router fails to boot from the tertiary boot device (USB), what happens next?

A. It reboots the router
B. It halts the boot sequence
C. It attempt to boot off the LAN.
D. It retries the entire boot sequence

Answer: B

Q: 25
Which CLI command displays the hardware currently installed in the router?

A. show chassis alarms
B. show system hardware
C. show chassis hardware
D. show system environment

Answer: C

Q: 26
Which command copies the factory-default files to your backup media?

A. request system snapshot rescue
B. request system snapshot factory
C. request system snapshot default
D. request system snapshot as-primary

Answer: B

Q: 27
Which logical unit number must be configured on a point-t-point interface using PPP encapsulation?

A. unit 0
B. unit 1
C. unit 100
D. unit 255

Answer: A

Q: 28
Which J-Web menu displays the time the router last booted?

A. Monitor -> Time
B. Manager -> Time
C. Monitor -> System
D. Diagnose -> System

Answer: C

Q: 29
The J-Web application can install the JUNOS software from which two locations? (Choose two)

B. BSD shell
C. Local PC
D. Remote host

Answer: C, D

Q: 30
What are two ways to create a rescue configuration on a J-series router? (Choose two)

A. Use the J-web System->Rescue directory
B. Use the J-web Configuration->Rescue directory
C. Issue the configure rescue save command
D. Issue the request system configuration rescue save command

Answer: B, D

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