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Juniper JN0-202 Exam -

Free JN0-202 Sample Questions:

1 .Which command allows real-time monitoring of interface statistics on interface so -0/0/0?
A. monitor interface so-0/0/0
B. monitor traffic interface so-0/0/0
C. monitor statististics so-0/0/0
D. monitor so-0/0/0
Answer: A

2 .Which command can be used to display information about packets that have been logged with the log firewall filter action?
A. show log
B. show log messages
C. show firewall
D. show firewall log
Answer: D

3 .To create a stable IBGP peering arrangement, it is recommended that internal peering be created between the loopback interfaces of the IBGP peering routers. Why is the local -address command required for successful connectivity in this scenario?
A. to send the BGP Open message
B. to tell the local router which interface the update is going to be received on
C. to tell the local router which interface to source the update from
D. to authenticate using MD5 between these neighbors
Answer: C

4. How can you identify all routes that are more specific than 10.0/16, excluding the exact match?
A. route-filter 10.0/16 longer
B. route-filter 10.0.0/17 longer
C. route-filter 10.0/16 orlonger
D. route-filter 10.0.0/17 upto /32
Answer: A

5. Which router feature will improve Routing Engine fail -over times?
Answer: A

6. Given the following policy:
policy-statement limit-cust {
from { route-filter orlonger accept;
route-filter longer;
route-filter orlonger {
metric 5;
then {
metric 10; accept;
What happens to the route 192.168.9/24?
A. The metric is set to 10, and the route is accepted.
B. The metric is set to 5, and the route is rejected.
C. The route is accepted.
D. The route passes through this filter to the next.
Answer: A

7. Which RSVP object allows for loop avoidance in the downstream direction?
A. Record Route Object in Path Message
B. Record Route Object in Reservation Message
C. Tspec Object in Reservation Message
D. Session Attribute Object in Path Message
Answer: A

8 . Given the following configuration:
interfaces {
so-0/0/0 {
unit 0 {
family inet {
so-0/0/1 {
unit 0 {
family inet {
lo0 {
unit 0 {
family inet {
What is considered an exception packet?
A. ICMP traceroute packet with TTL set to 5
B. ICMP echo request addressed to
C. IP packet addressed to
D. IP packet addressed to
Answer: B

9. Which two statements are true about a T-Series Packet Forwarding Engine? (Choose two.)
A. Only one PFE is allowed per chassis.
B. Multiple PFEs are allowed per chassis.
C. PFEs contain multiple ASICs on different boards.
D. All PFE ASICs are on the FPC.
Answer: B, C

10 .Two Level 2 routers are exchanging Hello packets with different Area IDs. What occurs between these routers?
A. An Adjacency forms.
B. An Adjacency does not form.
C. An Adjacency forms but traffic is not forwarded.
D. No IS-IS PDUs are sent.
Answer: A

11 .What are three characteristics of RIP? (Choose three.)
A. RIP uses Bellman-Ford algorithm.
B. RIP uses hop count as the metric.
C. RIP supports maximum allowable hop count of 15.
D. RIP floods updates to all RIP routers in the network.
E. RIP sends updates only when a route metric changes.
Answer: A, B, C

12. Which version of IGMP is used by default on Juniper Networks routers?
A. version 1
B. version 2
C. version 3
D. version 4
Answer: B

13. By default, which routes have a more desirable route preference than OSPF?
C. static
D. aggregate
Answer: C

14 .In the M7i or M10i which board functions as a combined Flexible PIC Concentrator and System Control Board?
Answer: B

15. Which CLI command displays routes advertised to an EBGP peer?
A. show bgp received routes <neighbor>
B. show bgp advertised routes <neighbor>
C. show route receive-protocol bgp <neighbor>
D. show route advertising-protocol bgp <neighbor>
Answer: D

16. Which command is used to the view the IS-IS database?
A. show OSI database
B. show isis database
C. show database
D. show iso database
Answer: B

17. Once the TCP connection is established, which mes sage type initiates the BGP peering process?
A. Open
B. Active
C. Update
D. Keepalive
Answer: A

18 .Three IS-IS routers on a broadcast segment have different priority values configured. Which router is elected the DIS on that broadcast segment?
A. the router with the lowest priority
B. the router with the highest priority
C. the router with the highest System ID
D. the router with the highest IP address
Answer: B

19 .Which type of OSPF router is responsible for redistributing routes into OSPF?
C. internal router
D. backbone router
Answer: B

20. How often are IS-IS Hello packets transmitted?
A. 3 seconds for DIS; 9 seconds for non-DIS
B. 9 seconds for DIS; 3 seconds for non-DIS
C. 10 seconds for DIS; 3 seconds for non-DIS
D. 10 seconds for all routers
Answer: A

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