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Juniper JN0-141 Exam -

Free JN0-141 Sample Questions:

1. What are two ScreenOS commands you can run on the overlay enforcer to troubleshoot communication with the Infranet Controller? (Choose two.)
A. get event
B. get controller status
C. get auth table infranet
D. exec infranet controller connect
Answer: AD

2. Your company requires that users who authenticate using the Web run an approved Web browser and have current antivirus signatures to present their credentials for authentication. If they do not have current signatures or are running an unauthorized browser, they cannot authenticate.
What do you configure on the Infranet Controller to implement your company's authentication policy?
A. abrowser restriction on the user's role and a Host Checker restriction on the user's role
B. abrowser restriction on the user's realm and a Host Checker restriction on the user's role
C. abrowser restriction on the user's role and a Host Checker restriction on the user's realm
D. abrowser restriction on the user's realm and a Host Checker restriction on the user's realm
Answer: D

3. You have created a Host Enforcer policy and want to verify that it has been applied.
In which two places would you look to determine if the policy is being enforced? (Choose two.)
A. client browser
B. overlay enforcer
C. Infranet Controller
D. Odyssey Access Client
Answer: CD

4.Which two options must be defined to enable the Infranet Controller to respond to RADIUS requests from an 802.1X-compliant network access device? (Choose two.)
A. a sign-in policy
B. a shared secret
C. the IP address of the network access device
D. the proper vendor-specific attributes for the network access device
Answer: BC

5. if Host Checker restrictions are applied at the role level and the Allow access to the role if any ONE of the select policies is passed option is selected, which statement is true?
A. Host Checker must be set to Require and enforce.
B. The role will not be removed if the Host Checker state changes.
C. The endpoint will be assigned the role as long as one policy passes.
D. The endpoint will be assigned the role as long as one rule in the policy passes.
Answer: C

6. Which log contains information about service restarts, system errors, warnings, and requests to check server connectivity?
A. Events log
B. System log
C. User Access log
D. Admin Access log
Answer: A

7. What are three functions of the Infranet Controller? (Choose three.)
A. Verifiescompliance with policies.
B. Actsas a 802.1Xenforcer if needed.
C. Assignsroles and resources to users.
D. EnforcesLayer 3 policies dynamically.
E. Maintains communication with client during session.
Answer: ACE

8. What are the three main components of Juniper Networks Unified Access Control (UAC) solution? (Choose three.)
A. Infranet Controller
B. endpoint agent software
C. RADIUS accounting server
D. distributed policy enforcement points
E. intrusion detection and prevention device
Answer: ABD

9. Which statementis true about the operation of the overlay enforcer?
A. It assigns users a set of roles.
B. It enforces resource access policies.
C. It verifies whether an endpointmeets security requirements.
D. It configures the UAC agent to allow or deny access to resources.
Answer: B

10. What is the function of the Host Checker?
A. Runson the Infranet Controller and ensuresreachability to agents.
B. Communicateswith the overlay enforcer and restrictsaccess to resources.
C. Communicateswith the Infranet Controller and checksendpoint security compliance.
D. Runson the endpoint and checksfor healthy communication with theoverlay enforcer and the Infranet Controller.
Answer: C

11. Which statement isaccurate about the integrated Odyssey Access Clientagent?
A. The agent is installed by the Layer 2 enforcer.
B. The agent is installed by the overlay enforcer.
C. The agent isinstalled by the Infranet Controller.
D. The agent communicates with the overlay enforcer in agentless mode.
Answer: C

12. When is it necessary to use the Odyssey Access Client?
A. to perform overlay enforcement
B. to enable 802.1Xsupport on the endpoint
C. to communicate with the Infranet Controller
D. to buildan IPsec tunnel between endpoint and enforcer
Answer: D

13. Of the network access issues listed below, which two are addressed by the UAC solution? (Choose two.)
A. Prevent a host from being infected by a virus.
B. Allow contractors to gain access to some,but not all,network resources.
C. Prevent an authorized user from launching a denial of service attack on company resources.
D. Allow visitors to a branch office to gain Internet access without compromising network security policies.
Answer: BD

14. What kind of security does the UAC solution provide?
A. endpoint security
B. perimeter security
C. network securityon a per-device basis
D. network security on a per-network basis
Answer: C

15. Which deployment option is used to protect data center resources from unauthorized users and noncompliant endpoints?
A. WAN Gateway
B. Campus Wired
C. Server Front End
D. Distributed Enterprise
Answer: C

16. Which two deployment options are used to check a user's compliance before allowing access to the local LAN? (Choose two.)
A. Campus Wired
B. Server Front End
C. Campus Wireless
D. Distributed Enterprise
Answer: AC

17. Whichthree configuration elements are required during the initial configuration of the Infranet Controller? (Choose three.)
A. gateway
B. hostname
C. license agreement
D. CA-signed certificate
E. self-signed certificate
Answer: ACE

18. What are three steps in the initial console configuration of the Infranet Controller? (Choose three.)
A. Install license.
B. Configure interface.
C. Complete initial boot.
D. Create user accounts.
E. Create self-signed certificate.
Answer: BCE

19. Which configuration option can be set either in the initial console menu or the Admin UI of the Infranet Controller?
B. Hostname
C. Domain name
D. Administrative timeout
Answer: C

20. Whatinformation is required to generate an Infranet Controller license? (Choose two.)
A. hostname
B. IP address
C. hardware ID
D. authorization code
Answer: CD

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