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Juniper JN0-101 Exam -

Free JN0-101 Sample Questions:

1.Which command do you use to go from the shell prompt to the CLI prompt? cli
C.start cli
Answer: B

2.When using the monitor traffic command on Junos devices, which UNIX-based utility is accessed?
Answer: C

3.What is the default import routing policy for OSPF?
A.Accept all OSPF routes and install them into the inet 3 routing table.
B.Accept all OSPF routes and install them into the inet7.0 routing table
C.Accept all OSPF routes and install them into the inet4.0 routing table
D.Accept all OSPF routes and install them into the inet.0 routing table.
Answer: D

4.Which three user authentication methods are supported by the Junos OS? (Choose three.)
C.local user database
Answer: ACD

5.What represents the binary equivalence of 207?
Answer: A

6.What must be configured prior to the first commit after factory defaults are loaded?
A.root authentication
B.default gateway
C.hostname services
Answer: A

7.Which account is used to access a Junos device in factory -default configuration?
Answer: A

8.You need to control SSH. HTTP, and Telnet access to an MX240 router through any interface. You have decided to use a firewall filter. How should you apply the firewall filter? an outbound filter on interface fxp0 an outbound filter on interface lo0 an inbound filter on interface fxp0 an inbound filter on interface lo0
Answer: D

9.You issue the pins interface tl-1/1/0 bypass-routing count 1000 rapid command. Which statement is correct?
A.The bypass-routing parameter is used to test the density on the TI line.
B.The bypass-routing parameter cannot be used on a T1 interface.
C.The bypass-routing parameter allows you to ping a host through an interface that has no route through it.
D.The bypass-routing parameter allows you to ping a local WAN inter face without generating any outbound traffic
Answer: C

10.Which two statements are true about the forwarding table? (Choose two.)
A.The forwarding table lists each source protocol and preference for each destination.
B.The forwarding table contains only active routes.
C.The forwarding table is used to process transit packets.
D.The forwarding table is stored in compact flash
Answer: BC

11.Which three protocols use UDP as a transport protocol by default? (Choose three.)
Answer: BCD

12.What is the default protocol preference for OSPF internal routes?
Answer: A

13.You are at the top of the hierarchy and must configure OSPF on interface so -0/0/0 unit 100.Which two achieve this result? (Choose two )
A.set protocols
set ospf area 0
set interface so-0/0/0.100
B.set protocols ospf area 0 interface so-0/0/0.100
C.edit protocols ospf interface so-0/0/0.100
D.edit protocols ospf area 0 set interface so-0/0/0.100
Answer: BD

14.You have been asked to create a static route with a next hop that is not directly connected to the router.
Which configuration parameter enables the static route to accomplish this scenario?
Answer: A

15.Which two statements are true about the rescue configuration file? (Choose two)
A.It must include a root password.
B.It is roll back file number 50, and you can recover it by issuing rollback 50.
C.It is created by issuing request system configuration rescue save.
D.It is updated automatically when you commit
Answer: AC

16.What are two valid match criteria for a routing policy? (Choose two.)
A.OSPF area ID
B.prefix list
D.time-to-live (TTL)
Answer: AC

17.What is the purpose of a network mask?
A.It is used to identify the maximum hop count of a subnetwork
B.It is used to identify an IP address as either private or public.
C.It is used to identify the network to which an IP address belongs.
D.It is used to identify the total number of bits present in an IP address
Answer: C

18.Which command displays the amount of space available on the storage media? chassis routing-engine system file-storage
C.file list system storage
Answer: D

19.Which statement is true regarding the Junos OS?
A.The Junos kernel is based on the Solaris operating system.
B.The Junos kernel is based on the GNU Zebra operating system.
C.The Junos kernel is completely original and not based on any other operating system
D.The Junos kernel is based on the FreeBSD UNIX operating system
Answer: D

20.Which two login-class permissions could permit a user to view the system hierarchy of the active configuration? (Choose two.)
A.system permission
B.view-configuration permission permission
D.super-user permission
Answer: AD

21.What are two reasons why a route might be hidden? (Choose two.)
A.route preference
B.routing loop
C.invalid next hop
D.routing policy
Answer: CD

22.What is an advantage of multiple software processes running in the Junos OS?
A.Each process has its own protected memory space.
B.Each process is started manually by the user at boot.
C.All processes are dependent on each other.
D.Multiple processes allow each routing protocol to be independent
Answer: A

23.Which two statements accurately describe a broadcast domain? (Choose two.)
A.Broadcast domains require that the participating devices connect to common switches or hubs.
B.Broadcast domains consist of devices reachable by frames addressed to the Layer 2 broadcast address
C.Broadcast domains require a gateway device such as a router.
D.Broadcast domains consist of devices that reside on the same VLAN
Answer: BD

24.Which two statements are true regarding an Ethernet collision domain? (Choose two.)
A.If a switch is used, the collision domain is limited to each device and the switch.
B.If a hub is used, the collision domain is limited to each device and the hub.
C.If a hub is used, the collision domain includes all devices connected to the hub.
D.If a switch is used, the collision domain includes all devices connected to the switch.
Answer: AC

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