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CompTIA JK0-701 Exam -

Free JK0-701 Sample Questions:

1.Which of the following memory types has a clock speed of 400MHz?
A. PC133
B. PC2700
C. PC3200
D. PC10600
Answer: C

2.A technician receives a Windows laptop that has not been operating correctly since a user changed some registry settings by mistake. Which of the following should be attempted FIRST?
A. Reset the CMOS
B. Rollback to a restore point
C. Boot into Safe Mode
D. Reconfigure the BIOS
Answer: B

3.A technician encounters an IP address of The IP address is a member of which of the following classes?
A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class D
Answer: B

4.Which of the following cables allows for the transfer of video and sound?
B. S-Video
Answer: D

5.Which of the following is placed directly on the CPU in a new computer system to aid in the cooling process?
A. Heatsink
B. Fan
C. Liquid cooling system
D. Thermal compound
Answer: D

6.When determining a customer's specific issue, which of the following is the BEST approach?
A. Ask the customer to speak with someone else that may be able to help.
B. Ask open-ended Questions to narrow the scope of the problem.
C. Ask a co-worker what the customer is trying to explain.
D. Ask focused Questions that lead the customer with yes or no Answers.
Answer: B

7.Which of the following printer types is the BEST for a technician to recommend to a company needing to print 10,000 black and white pages per month?
A. Laser
B. Thermal
C. Inkjet
D. Dot Matrix
Answer: A

8.Which of the following keyboard combinations will lock a Windows XP workstation?
A. Windows Key + L
B. CTRL + ALT + Delete
C. Windows Key + CTRL + Backspace
D. Windows Key + CTRL + Escape
Answer: B

9.A customer wants to be able to search the Internet wirelessly with their laptop, from any location. Which of the following devices would be MOST effective in achieving this?
A. Bluetooth card
B. 802.11 a/b/g WiFicard
C. 802.11n WiFi card
D. Cellular WAN card
Answer: D

10.A customer wants to connect an external projector to a laptop. The projector is plugged into the external video port but no video is shown on the projector. Which of the following will correct the problem?
A. Upgrade the BIOS.
B. Release the LCD cutoff switch.
C. Toggle the WiFi switch.
D. Toggle the Fn key.
Answer: D

11.A technician has determined that the primary hard drive has failed and the defective hard drive has been replaced. According to the troubleshooting process, which of the following steps would come NEXT?
A. Document the setting.
B. Establish a probable cause.
C. Verify full system operation.
D. Question the user.
Answer: C

12.Which of the following commands is used to bring up the interface that allows a technician to edit startup services and applications?
A. msinfo32
B. cmd
C. dxdiag
D. msconfig
Answer: D

13.Which of the following Windows Vista versions can be installed on a system with 512MB of RAM and a 40GB HDD?
A. Home Basic
B. Home Premium
C. Ultimate
D. Business
Answer: A

14.Which of the following is an example of a manufacturer's image stored on a hard drive?
A. Factory Recovery Partition
B. OEM Version
C. Recovery CD
D. Network Install
Answer: A

15.802.11n has the potential to support up to:
A. 11Mbps.
B. 20Mbps.
C. 54Mbps.
D. 100Mbps.
Answer: D

16.A CRT monitor is flickering very rapidly, making it very uncomfortable to view. This can be corrected by:
A. Adjusting the refresh rate.
B. Adjusting the dot pitch.
C. Degaussing the monitor.
D. Adjusting the resolution.
Answer: A

17.A PC is having its PSU replaced and the new PSU has a connector that is too large for the motherboard's socket. Which of the following is needed to solve this issue?
A. The PC needs a NLX to ATX adapter.
B. The PC needs a 26-to-20 pin ATX adapter.
C. The PC needs a 24-to-20 pin ATX adapter.
D. The PC needs an AT-to-ATX adapter.
Answer: C

18.Every time the computer starts a technician receives a message saying that the computer case has been opened. Which of the following can be disabled in the BIOS to prevent this message from appearing?
A. Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
B. Intrusion detection
C. WiFi Protected Access (WPA)
D. Firewall
Answer: B

19.Which of the following media types is MOST affected by the RPM rating?
B. Flash
C. Tape
Answer: D

20.A technician downloads an updated version of the driver for a sound card in Windows XP. After extracting the driver, how would the technician update the driver?
A. Device Manager> expand 'Sound, video and game controllers'>double click on the name of the sound card> Troubleshoot'
B. Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Update Drivers>double click on 'Sound Card'
C. Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Sound Devices > 'Update Driver'
D. Device Manager>Driver tab> Update Driver> Double click on the name of the sound card under 'Sound, video and game controllers'
Answer: D

21.Which of the following connectors are used for musical equipment?
C. 6-pin mini-DIN
Answer: B

22.Which of the following broadband technologies provides the FASTEST bandwidth speeds?
B. Cable
C. Satellite
D. Fiber
Answer: D

23.Which of the following Windows utilities will identify issues with drivers and programs running under Windows XP?
A. System Information
B. Hardware Compatibility List
C. Dr. Watson
D. Program Compatibility Wizard
Answer: D

24.Which of the following IP ranges is Class C?
Answer: A

25.In the laser printing process, which of the following is true?
A. A wax-based substance is melted and applied directly to the media.
B. Toner is applied to a photoconductor and transferred to the media.
C. Heat is applied to heat-sensitive media to create an image.
D. Toner is sprayed to the media.
Answer: B

26.A computer fails POST with 1 long, and 2 short beeps. Which of the following components has MOST likely failed?
A. Sound card
B. Power supply
D. Video card
Answer: D

27.Which of the following wireless network features grants the ability to select which devices connect to a wireless network based on a device's hardware address?
A. WPA encryption
B. MAC filtering
C. NAT translation
D. SSID broadcasting
Answer: B

28.Which of the following connector types is used on CAT5e cable?
A. RJ-45
C. RJ-11
Answer: A

29.A technician is installing Windows Vista onto a new computer locally. Which of the following describes the method the technician would MOST likely use?
A. Floppy
C. Blu-Ray
Answer: B

30.A technician is repairing a keyboard issue, in which the keys are not typing anything within document editing software. After Questioning the user, the technician discovers that the user was eating lunch while typing the document. The technician comes to the conclusion that liquid was spilled onto the keyboard.
According to the troubleshooting theory, which of the following would be the NEXT step to follow?
A. Ask the user open-ended Questions.
B. Make closing notes of the repair.
C. Replace the keyboard with a new keyboard.
D. Verify the system functionality.
Answer: C

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