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CompTIA JK0-017 Exam -

Free JK0-017 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A project manager is completing a project schedule network diagram using dummy activities to show all logical relationships. Which of the following tools is the project manager using?
Answer: A

Q: 2
Which of the following would be the benefit of saving a project binder in a centralized location?
A. Provides an opportunity for another project manager to review the binder and make corrections.
B. Provides an opportunity for team members to review their contributions.
C. Provides other project managers the opportunity to review the project information.
D. Provides stakeholders the opportunity to modify the change request forms.
Answer: B

Q: 3
A project is cancelled unexpectedly prior to completion. Which of the following would the project manager use to document the details of the project closure?
A. Histogram
B. Postmortem
C. SWOT analysis
D. Project scope statement
Answer: B

Q: 4
Which of the following is the method for determining the critical path of a project?
A. Determine the BAC of a project and the AC at completion; calculate the difference.
B. Examine the project schedule and determine the two most critical milestones: then calculate the total time form the start of the first determined milestone to the end of the second.
C. Examine the project schedule and place all scheduled activities on one time-line, regardless as to whether they are being implemented in parallel. Then calculate the total time taken.
D. Examine the project schedule and calculate the total time taken for all scheduled activities, from commencement of the project to closure, with zero float.
Answer: D

Q: 5
The formal process that must be performed at the end of the project to provide the final inspection of the product is called:
A. methodology verification.
B. scope verification.
C. change verification.
D. system verification.
Answer: B

Q: 6
A key stakeholder has asked the project manager to complete the project a week earlier than expected. To accomplish this objective, the project manager will have to ask the project team to work overtime, which will increase the cost of the project. Which of the followingshould be the NEXT
A. Ask the key stakeholder for more funding for the project.
B. Ask the project team to work overtime to finish the project.
C. Obtain an approved change control document before changing the project schedule.
D. Agree to complete the project using the new schedule.
Answer: C

Q: 7
Three of the team members are having a conflict with each other. Which of the following steps should the project manager take to minimize the conflict?
A. Resolve the conflict by terminating the team members.
B. Ignore the conflict and keep working on the project.
C. Encourage the team members to resolve the conflict.
D. Ask the project sponsor to resolve the conflict.
Answer: C

Q: 8
In order to validate a project, which of the following is required to complete a stakeholder analysis?
A. Verify the project stakeholder needs, wants, and expectations are turned into requirements.
B. Verify the project stakeholders have been selected by the project manager to provide the best scope for the project.
C. Verify the project team members will be able to provide the expected stakeholder results.
D. Verify the project stakeholders needs are documented in the work breakdown structure (WBS)
Answer: D

Q: 9
One of the team members assigned to a project is not performing well. The team member is new and is not experienced in the type of work involved with this project. Which of the following is the BEST response to this situation?
A. Ask other members to help.
B. Assign the team member to another project.
C. Talk to the team member to encourage better performance.
D. Arrange for training for the team member
Answer: D

Q: 10
Which of the following are common causes of project team conflict? (Select TWO).
A. Project schedule
B. Competing resource demands
C. Project budget
D. Varying work styles
E. Time zone difference
Answer: B, D

Q: 11
In an attempt to make a deadline, a North American project manager is able to procure emergency funding for additional people. The resources are located in Europe. Which of the following project components will have to be updated to reflect working with a new time zone location?
A. Communication plan
B. Risk management plan
C. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
D. Project scope statement
Answer: C

Q: 12
Two employees will not work on the same project together. The project manager tells the employees to talk to their supervisors because the supervisors recommended they work together. This is an example of which of the following conflict resolution styles?
A. Withdrawing
B. Forcing
C. Accepting
D. Compromising
Answer: B

Q: 13
A project manager needs to identify uncertain events during the planning phase. Which of the following documents would be the BEST source of this information?
A. Quality log
B. Risk register
C. Issues log
D. Responsibility assignment math
Answer: B

Q: 14
A project manager notices that status meetings are poorly attended and that one or two team member try to dominate the meetings. Which of the following should the project manager do to make the project status meetings more productive? (Select TWO).
A. Include agenda items in the meeting invitation.
B. Ensure that the meetings start and end on time.
C. Provide criticism to poor team performers.
D. Allow the team members to set the tone of the meeting.
E. Discuss issues during the meeting until they are resolved.
Answer: A, E

Q: 15
Two SMEs disagree with the designed plan for a particular component. The project will be delayed if the plan is not approved today. The project manager demands the SMEs work together to incorporate their modifications by the close of business today. Which of the following resolution techniques was used?
A. Negotiating
B. Forcing
C. Smoothing
D. Compromise
Answer: B

Q: 16
Which of the following can the project manager do to manage scope creep?
A. Be open minded to new ideas to the project.
B. Be flexible about what needs to be done to complete the project.
C. Be specific when defining project objectives in the project plan.
D. Be positive when approached with changes to ensure customer satisfaction.
Answer: C

Q: 17
Which of the following is the purpose of a milestone schedule?
A. A detailed summary of the project milestones that need to be achieved.
B. A summary level timetable of the major project milestones.
C. A summary of the anticipated milestones and the issues identified for the project.
D. A detailed summary of the anticipated milestones and risks identified for the project.
Answer: A

Q: 18
A project change is approved by the Change Control Board that modifies the project scope.
Which of the following is the NEXT step that the project
A. Construct a detailed plan to implement the change.
B. Analyze the Impact of the change request.
C. Document the request in the change control log.
D. Request a meeting with the project sponsor to discuss scope creep.
Answer: A

Q: 19
Which of the following is described when a company requires version control of project documents?
A. Decision oversight
B. Regulatory compliance
C. Internal process compliance
D. Change management controls
Answer: D

Q: 20
Transition plans include which of the following elements?
A. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
B. Project warranty
C. Project process reports
D. Earned value calculation
Answer: B

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