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CompTIA JK0-016 Exam -

Free JK0-016 Sample Questions:

1. A customer complains that when there is a phone call at home, the wireless on his notebook computer will lost connection. What is the most likely cause of this issue?
A. The cordless phones are plugged into the RJ-11 jack
B. The cordless phones are plugged into same outlet as the router
C. The cordless phones are 2.4Ghz which interferes with wireless
D. The cordless phones are 5.8Ghz which interferes with wireless
Answer: C

2. User names and passwords can be authenticated by a client workstation to which type of server?
A. Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
B. Domain Name Service (DNS)
C. Primary Domain Controller (PDC)
D. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
Answer: C

3. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network application protocol used by devices (DHCP clients) to obtain configuration information for operation in an Internet Protocol network. A host configured with DHCP is unable to locate a DHCP server. Which address will be assigned by APIPA (Automatic Private IP Address) to solve this problem?
Answer: B

4. According to the public addressing scheme, which IP address is valid?
Answer: B

5. After identifying the area affected by a problem, the NEXT step is to______.
A. Select the most probable cause.
B. Identify what has changed.
C. Implement a solution.
D. Test a solution.
Answer: B

6. Customers on a Windows network are able to successfully ping the IP address which is used to connect the network, however they discover that they are unable to visit any network resources, why?
A. The domain controller is not responding.
B. The DNS server is not resolving correctly.
C. The file server is offline.
D. The DHCP server is not assigning correct IP addresses.
Answer: B

7. Network topology is the study of the arrangement or mapping of the elements of a network. In the Star-Ring topology, the computers are connected to a central component as in a star network. Choose one item that can be used by star ring topology to transfer data.
D. Token passing
Answer: D

8. You are working as a technician at A Mac OS X 10.3 user has requested some assistance with a network connectivity issue that he has. The Mac OS uses kerberos to access a kerberized service provided by a Mac OS X server 10.3 but the user experiences an authentication failure when he tries to do this. Which of the following steps might resolve the issue?
A. Install Kerberos client software for Mac OS X 10.3 on the user's computer.
B. Synchronize all Kerberos principal's clocks using a network time server.
C. Ensure that the IP address of the user's computer to allow the user to access the service.
D. All of the above.
Answer: B

9. Networking hardware typically refers to equipment facilitating the use of a computer network. In order to permit a maximum of network traffic collisions, which hardware will you choose?
A. Router
B. Hub
D. Switch
Answer: B

10. When surfing the internet, which layer of the OSI Model will result in a session time-out?
A. Layer 2
B. Layer 4
C. Layer 5
D. Layer 6
Answer: C

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