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CompTIA IK0-002 Exam -

Free IK0-002 Sample Questions:

1. A user wants to access a Web site named that uses SSL and requires the user to log on. Which URL accesses this server from a Web browser?
A. https://username@password//
D. http://username:password/
Answer: B

2. Which of the following protocols uses port 80 by default?
Answer: B

3. Users report that they receive an error message "404" when trying to access a hyperlink that links to an HTML document. Which of the following is the most likely cause?
A. The Web server is down.
B. The file has only read permission.
C. The file or HTML document does not exist.
D. The HTML document has not been placed in the cache.
Answer: C

4. A document that is 7,000 bytes would take how many seconds to download over an analog 56 Kbps connection?
A. 1 second
B. 5 seconds
C. 8 seconds
D. 12.5 seconds
Answer: A

5. Which of the following is the most common cause of disconnects when using a dial-up connection to an ISP?
A. A virus
B. Line noise
C. Too slow modem
D. Too slow computer
Answer: B

6. Which factor has the LEAST effect on the performance of a Web site?
A. Bandwidth of the site's Internet connection
B. Resolution of graphics used in the Web site
C. Amount of RAM in the Web Server
D. Amount of RAM in the client computer
Answer: D

7. Web caching does NOT provide a reduction in
A. document download time
B. bandwidth demands
C. the number of requests processed by the Web server
D. the number of security breaches
Answer: D

8. A user has been browsing the Internet for several hours. The user's computer displays an alert that it is running out of disk space. The user has not downloaded any large files. Which of the following is the best way to solve the problem?
A. Disable the image loading function.
B. Restart the computer.
C. Clear the browser history.
D. Clear the browser cache.
Answer: D

9. A user wants to ensure that the newest data is always loaded whenever the user visits a Web site. Which of the following should the user do?
A. Retype the URL into the Web browser.
B. Increase the size of the cache on the user's client computer.
C. Clear the history on the user's client computer.
D. Press Refresh each time the user visits a Web site.
Answer: D

10. A user is searching for government documents about small businesses in England. Each time the user performs a standard search, information about small businesses in the United States (USA) is returned. Which of the following strings can the user enter to exclude information about the USA from the search?
A. "small business" England - USA "government documents"
B. "small business" England "not USA" "government documents"
C. "small business" England "government documents" minus USA
D. "small business" England -USA "government documents"
Answer: D

11. Which of the following types of indexes enables a user to search a site for a specific phrase?
A. Static
B. Site map
C. Keyword
D. Full text
Answer: D

12. Which of the following types of modems will NOT facilitate a connection between a PC and the Internet?
A. Cable
B. Wireless
C. Analog
D. Virtual
Answer: D

13. Below is a list of components.
1. Web browser
2. TCP/IP Stack
3. Windows 98
Which of the following would be the additional fourth component required to allow Internet access?
A. DHCP server
B. E-mail client
C. Network connection
D. DNS server
Answer: C

14. Which of the following protocols would be required to provide a dynamic IP address?
Answer: D

15. Which of the following Internet connection devices minimizes bandwidth usage?
A. Network address translation server
B. Packet-filtering firewall
C. Router
D. Proxy server
Answer: D

16. The correct FTP mode for downloading a graphical image file is
A. binary
B. glob
C. ascii
D. hash
Answer: A

17. Which of the following is supported by many Web browsers?
A. Gopher
C. Telnet
Answer: B

18. Which of the following commands would establish a connection to an FTP server?
A. open
B. connect
C. access
D. get
Answer: A

19. Which of the following clients enables a user to establish a command line session with a network host?
A. Rlogin
B. Unix
C. Telnet
D. Tracert
Answer: C

20. Which of the following client settings are required to enable a PC to communicate with another host on a TCP/IP wide area network?
A. IP address only
B. IP address and subnet mask only
C. IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway
D. IP address, subnet mask, and DNS Server
Answer: C

21. An attempt to access Internet Web sites returns the error: host unreachable. Which configuration entry is the likely cause?
A. DNS server
B. Gateway address
C. WINS address
Answer: B

22. Which of the following is an INVALID encoding type for an e-mail message?
A. Base64
B. uuencode
C. Zip
D. BinHex
Answer: C

23. A user has just updated the e-mail client, which is backward compatible. However, the user cannot access the address book that contains 300 entries. Which of the following steps should be taken to resolve this problem?
A. Restore the address book from tape.
B. Import the address book.
C. Uninstall the e-mail client and install a new e-mail client from a different vendor.
D. Uninstall the upgrade.
Answer: B

24. A CGI program executes on the
A. client only
B. server only
C. client and the server simultaneously
D. client and then the server
Answer: B

25. Which of the following does the acronym CGI stand for?
A. Consumer guided interactions
B. Common gateway interface
C. Consumer gateway interface
D. Common gateway interchange
Answer: B

26. A CGI file is normally parsed
A. on the server by the Web server software
B. on the client by the browser software
C. by the server's operating system
D. by the client's operating system
Answer: A

27. Which of the following client-side languages is browser specific?
A. Java
C. VBscript
Answer: C

28. Which of the following enables the creation of an interactive 3D environment?
C. JavaScript
D. Flash
Answer: B

29. An administrator wants to put a searchable employee relational database consisting of 1,300 records on the company's Web site. Which of the following is the most suitable database language to use?
C. JavaScript
Answer: B

30. A developer wants to compare a form entry to a valid list of dates. Which of the following technologies requires the LEAST infrastructure setup?
A. Relational database with ODBC
B. Object-oriented database with JDBC
C. JavaScript
Answer: C

31. A developer wants to integrate a relational database with a Web site by using ODBC. Which of the following should the developer create?
A. Distinguished name (DN)
B. Data source binding
C. Link between a data source and a Web site
D. Data source name (DSN)
Answer: D

32. Consider the following code:
Hello, World!
A user's page does not render properly in the user's browser. Which of the following should the user do?
A. Correct the <HEAD> tags.
B. Change all the HTML tags to lowercase.
C. Change all the HTML tags to uppercase and correct the <TITLE> tags.
D. Correct the <TITLE> tags.
Answer: D

33. Which of the following plug-ins is most likely to be implemented on a Web page that uses streaming vector-based graphics?
A. QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR)
B. Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML)
C. Flash
D. RealPlayer
Answer: C

34. Which of the following technologies should a school use to distribute instructional lectures to all its satellite campuses that connect through low bandwidth dial-up connections?
A. Real Media
B. QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR)
C. Shockwave
D. Web TV
Answer: A

35. A customer wants to implement a contest on the customer's Web site to give away product samples. Which of the following technologies is best suited for this?
A. QuickTime
C. Flash
Answer: C

36. Which of the following file extension formats is associated with Web-based animation?
Answer: D

37. A customer has an hour-long multimedia presentation that the customer wants to make available on the customer's Web site. Which of the following technologies would be the best to use?
A. QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR)
B. Real Media
Answer: B

38. What is the color depth of JPEG?
A. 8-bit
B. 16-bit
C. 24-bit
D. 48-bit
Answer: C

39. A Web page developer uploads an HTML file to the server and the images are not displayed when viewed through a browser. Which of the following should the developer check first?
A. Image source URL
B. FTP mode in which the HTML is uploaded
C. Browser version
D. MIME type set on server
Answer: A

40. Which of the following is always connected directly to the Internet backbone?
A. NAP (network access point)
B. LEC (local exchange carrier)
C. ISP (Internet service provider)
D. POP (point of presence)
Answer: A

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