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CompTIA HT0-201 Exam -

Free HT0-201 Sample Questions:

1. Which of the following would be used to determine where a break in a wire is located?
A. Analog Toner
B. Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR)
C. Digital Multi-meter (DMM)
D. Digital Signal Generator
Answer: B   

2. Which of the following cabling would be MOST commonly used with analog volume controls?
A. Shielded twisted pair (STP)
B. RJ-59
C. 16/4 solid conductors
D. 14/4 stranded
Answer: D   

3. Which of the following home control protocols utilizes an existing line voltage electrical wiring infrastructure for communication and control? (Select TWO)
A. Z-Wave
C. ZigBee
D. X10
E. Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Answer: BD   

4. A user has multiple satellite receivers; one of the rooms is not receiving a signal while all other rooms are receiving a signal.  Assuming the receivers are working correctly, which of the following should be tested FIRST to find the problem?
A. Dish
B. Multi-switch
C. Diplexer
D. Grounding block
Answer: B   

5. An end of line resistor is used on a smoke detector to:
A. determine if a smoke detector fails.
B. balance the line for proper operation.
C. provide a closed circuit to the fault relay.
D. lower false alarm occurrences.
Answer: C   

6. For proper equipment protection, all integrated equipment should:
A. carry their own ground.
B. share a common ground.
C. be grounded at each controller location.
D. never be grounded in a single location.
Answer: B   

7. Which of the following kinds of internal wiring configuration is required for typical key service unit (KSU) phone systems?
A. Star topography
B. Daisy-chained topography
C. Media-bus topography
D. Token-ring topography
Answer: A   

8. Which of the following is the standard for RF video distribution over coaxial cable?
A. 50 ohms
B. 59 ohms
C. 75 ohms
D. 100 ohms
Answer: C   

9. When installing a security system, which of the following connectors would be used to connect the security system to the telephone service demarcation?
A. RJ-31x
B. RJ-11
C. RS-232
D. DB-9
Answer: A   

10. A paging adapter is used to:
A. interface a telephone system to an external paging system.
B. match the impedance of the external paging speaker.
C. supply ring voltage to the external paging system.
D. simulate a single line telephone handset.
Answer: A

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