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HP HP2-Z19 Exam -

Free HP2-Z19 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
An action set instructs the IPS what to do when traffic matches an enabled filter. What are the default action sets on an SMS? (Select three.)
A. Block
B. Permit
C. Permit + Notify
D. Block + Notify
E. Rate Limit
Answer: A,C,D

Q: 2
What are reasons to create a custom action set? (Select three.)
A. to make the IPS generate syslog events for that filter
B. to rate-limit all P2P traffic
C. to cause a host to be quarantined when it matches a filter
D. to make the SMS generate syslog events for that filter
E. to inspect http traffic on ports other than TCP/80
Answer: A,B,C

Q: 3
What happens if you make changes to your security profile using the LSM, then re-manage your IPS with the SMS?
A. Your filter changes made via the LSM are automatically synchronized with the SMS.
B. All changes made via the LSM are lost.
C. Your SMS profile will automatically distribute to the IPS.
D. Nothing happens. You can manually import profiles from the IPS or you can have SMS overwrite the IPS by distributing your SMS profile to your device.
Answer: D

Q: 4
Which functionality is available when editing filters using the IPS LSM user interface? (Select three.)
A. ability to search for filters by severity
B. ability to search for filters by state (enabled/disabled)
C. ability to compare two or more profiles (side by side)
D. ability to configure category settings
E. ability to upload the Profile to the SMS
Answer: A,B,D

Q: 5
You are editing an existing custom action set that is already used by a certain filter. What is the minimum you must do for the IPS to use the new filter setting?
A. Reapply the action set to the filter and distribute the profile.
B. Update the Digital Vaccine, then distribute the profile.
C. Distribute the profile.
D. Edit the filter again so that it uses the same action set.
Answer: C

Q: 6
When using Syslog as a notification method within an action set, where on the SMS do you configure the syslog server IP address?
A. in Notification Contacts under Profiles > Shared Settings
B. as part of the action set
C. within the filter
D. under the Devices tab, within the appropriate IPS device configuration dialog box
Answer: D

Q: 7
Which statements about Traffic Management Filters are true? (Select three.)
A. Traffic Management Filters can be set to Allow traffic.
B. Traffic Management Filters can be ordered for precedence.
C. Traffic Management Filters can be set to Block + Notify.
D. Traffic Management Filters can be set to Rate-Limit.
E. Traffic Management Filters can be set to Permit + Notify.
Answer: A,B,D

Q: 8
What can cause an IPS to enter Layer-2 Fallback? (Select two.)
A. power supply failure
B. SMS reboot
C. excessive congestion
D. IPS software upgrade
Answer: A,C

Q: 9
If you have oversubscribed a 2500N with too much traffic, what can you do to prevent congestion? (Select three.)
A. Buy a bigger box (a 5100N for example).
B. Reboot the IPS.
C. Route traffic around the IPS and/or reduce the amount of traffic sent to the IPS.
D. Reset all filters back to default settings.
E. Use inspection bypass rules.
Answer: A,C,E

Q: 10
IPS Quarantine is an ideal feature for performing which actions? (Select two.)
A. blocking connection flood attacks
B. rate-limiting peer-to-peer traffic
C. intercepting a user's Web session to inform them of their spyware infection
D. preventing brute force failed logins
Answer: B,C

Q: 11
From a TippingPoint IPS perspective, what constitutes a flow? (Select three.)
A. segment
B. IP protocol
C. source/destination IP address
D. source/destination port
E. source/destination MAC address
Answer: B,D

Q: 12
Under the Automatic Digital Vaccine (DV) Activation settings on the SMS, you have the option to Automatically Download, Activate, and Distribute new DVs. If you select all three, when will DVs be distributed to your IPS devices?
A. whenever your DV distribution schedule dictates
B. 0:00 GMT
C. 3:00 p.m. Central Standard Time
D. immediately after the SMS downloads and activates the DV
Answer: D

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