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HP HP2-T16 Exam -

Free HP2-T16 Sample Questions:

What is the software abstraction layer instance commonly called?
A. guest
B. partition
C. hypervisor
D. mirror
Answer: C

Into what range do reserved TCP/IP server ports generally fall?
A. 0-1023
B. 1-512
C. 21-80
D. 1024-8080
Answer: A

Which RAID level offers disk mirroring and data striping without parity?
A. RAID 1+0
B. RAID 5+0
C. RAID 6+0
Answer: A

Which statements are correct about mixing drives with different sizes and speeds within an array. (Select two)
A. Performance may be degraded.
B. Performance of the fastest disk is provided.
C. Capacity is wasted.
D. There is no impact on the capacity usage of each disk.
E. Usage of hot spare disks is not necessary.
Answer: A, C

What happens during an incremental backup? (Select two)
A. The archive bit is set to 1.
B. The archive bit is left alone
C. The archive bit is reset to 0.
D. The transaction log is cleared.
E. The transaction log is left alone.
Answer: C, D

In the GFS backup tape rotation plan, how often is the Son backup performed?
A. daily
B. weekly
C. monthly
D. quarterly
Answer: A

A customer complains about server performance. Performance parameters show the following:
Network Segment: % Network Utilization - 55%
Page/Sec - 3
% Processor Time - 65%
% Disk Time - 75%
A. disk
B. memory
C. network
D. processor
Answer: A

After some analysis, you determine that more memory is needed to address a system bottleneck. How do you incrase the memory and ensure the additional resources are effective to meet the need?
A. Add the memory and monitor perfmon counter % Usage Peak to verify that it is < 75%
B. Add the memory and incrase the amount of the Paging File to equal the total amount of memory installed plus 10%
C. Establish a baseline performance report, install the new memory, create a new baseline report and compare it against expectations and the first baseline.
D. Run Task Manager to check the amount of physical memory available, add the new memory and confirm the addition by running Task Manager again to show the new resources.
Answer: C

A customer is running a single-threaded application and experiences performance problems connected with the processor subsystem. How would you solve this issue?
A. Change processor affinity to enable splitting single threads into multiple threads
B. Add additional processors
C. Upgrade the processor with a higher frequency processor.
D. Replace the processor with a higher stepping processor
E. Upgrade the processor with a multi-core processor.
F. Enable the integrated memory controller of the process at the BIOS.
Answer: C

Your customer wants to use Microsoft Windows Clustering for high availability. Which storage technology is best suited for this?
A. Windows dynamic disks
B. Fiber Channel SAN
C. SATA II Point to Point
D. Duplexed Array Controllers
Answer: B

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