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HP HP2-T15 Exam -

Free HP2-T15 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which blades support the Intel 5500 Chipset processor? (Select two.)
A. HP ProLiant BL460cG6
B. HP ProLiant BL490cG6
C. HP ProLiant BL680cG5
D. HP ProLiant BL685cG6
Answer: A, B

Q: 2
How can storage be presented to a server from the StorageWorks All-ln-One SB600c Storage Blade? (Select two.)
A. using iSCSI
B. using HTTPS
C. using InfiniBand
D. using NFS
Answer: A, D

Q: 3
You have repaired a problem on a BL460c G6 Server Blade associated with an I/O mismatch error by moving an FC-Mezzanine card from slot 2 to slot 1. What should you do to verify that the repair is successful? (Select three.)
A. Ensure that the WWN of the FC HBA is visible on the SAN Switch management interface.
B. Ensure that the FC HBA is available in the Device Manager of Windows Server OS.
C. use the flashdisk utility to create a bootable SmartStart flashdisk to update PSP for FC-HBA.
D. Check the Windows Application event log.
E. Ensure that the background of the active Onboard Administrator Insight Display is green.
F. Run the ShowSwitchAII script from the Active Onboard Administrator and verify that the port status on FC port 1 is OK.
Answer: A, B, E

Q: 4
You add a second processor to a BL460c G5 Server and receive the following error: Unsupported processor detected - system halted What should you do next?
A. Replace the new processor
B. Enable the second processor with the DIP switch on the system board.
C. Enable the second processor option in RBSU.
D. update the system ROM to the latest version.
Answer: D

Q: 5
What will mixing RDIMMs and UDIMMs in an HP server blade do?
A. halt the server blade during BIOS initialization
B. have no effect; the server blade is booting up normally
C. have no effect as long as the types are not mixed within pairs
D. cause a boot loop
Answer: C

Q: 6
Which management functionality is performed by the c7000 Onboard Administrator? (Select two.)
A. providing dynamic resource allocation for server blades
B. managing shared power and cooling for the enclosure
C. activating Remote Deployment Pack (RDP) when an in-service server fails
D. providing license management through the command line interface (CLI)
E. detecting any mismatches between mezzanine cards and interconnects
Answer: B, E

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