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HP HP2-Q01 Exam -

Free HP2-Q01 Sample Questions:

1. What are two methods to flash the BIOS before loading OS? (Select two)
A. bootable USB or CDROM
B. HP SSM (System Software Manager)
C. HP CSM (Client Management Software)
D. from F10 setup using removable media
Answer: AD

2. Where can you find the current Windows video driver version? (Select two)
A. System BIOS
B. Device Manager
C. Display Properties
D. System Properties
Answer: BC

3. Which Windows XP utility will display instaled driver version?
C. Task Manager
D. Windows Update
Answer: B

4. What are possible locations for OS updates? (Select two)
A. HP restore media
B. HP instant Support
C. HP support website
D. Microsoft Windows Update
Answer: CD

5. What are HP notebook security features? (Select two)
B. monitor sensor
C. integrated alarm
D. processor change alert
E. Biometric Fingerprint Reader
Answer: AE

6. A system boots from a SCSI drive. An IDE hard disk has added to the system will no longer boot what is the cause?
A. IDE drive is not terminated properly
B. system has defaulted to the IDE drive as bootable
C. IDE drive has the same id as the SCSI drive
D. SCSI and IDE devices cannot coexist in the same system
Answer: B

7. A computer with embedded SATA RAID has a function RAID array. During startup ********
A. Enable POST Messages
B. Enable RAID/AHCI SATA Emulation
C. Modify boot options in the operating system RAID utility
D. Modify boot options in the Array Configuration Utility (ACU)
Answer: D

8. Your HP Workstation has one SATA hard drive installed. What must be done first in order to install Windows XP?
A. Enable POST Messages
B. Enable RAID/AHCI SATA Emulation
C. Obtain and update system firmware
D. Add a second SATA hard disk drive
Answer: B

9. A customer is experiencing intermitent lockups on a computer kept inside. What is most likely cause?
B. altitude
C. vibration
D. temperature
Answer: D

10. Where can you find specific information on removal and replacement procedure?
A. Care Pack guide
B. HP Product Buletin
C. Quick Reference Buletin
D. Maintenance and Service Guide
Answer: D

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