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HP HP2-N42 Exam -

Free HP2-N42 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
TippingPoint IPS devices achieve high in-line performance by doing what? (Select two.)
A. Decrypting and load balancing web application traffic.
B. Deploying multiple IPS appliances with narrow coverage each, thereby increasing throughput.
C. Including granular application access control
D. Relying on a custom hardware architecture that permits high network throughput while maintaining low average latency.
E. performing a number of analysis filters in parallel, so we can look for many signatures or problems in parallel
Answer: A,E

Q: 2
What is the primary function of DVLabs' WebAppDV service?
A. To analyze custom web applications and create custom filters to deploy to the IPSprotecting the vulnerability/vulnerabilities
B. To update a list of known bad host systems on the internet in order to update the IPS on a regular basis
C. To ensure full fault tolerance for their entire system
D. To inspect the IPS payload of the packets when the IPS is unable to analyze encrypted traffic
Answer: A

Q: 3
What are the key features of the TippingPoint IPS Platform?
A. Load balancing across a number of IPS devices to increase in-line throughput
B. Automated, scalable threat protection, leading threat research
C. Decrypting of web application traffic
D. Host-based anti-virus protection
Answer: B

Q: 4
What best describes how the TippingPoint RepDV service works?
A. Provides scanning services for a customer's web application, looking for vulnerabilities
B. Maintains a list of known bad IP addresses and domain names on the internet, assigns a score to each host, and frequently sends updates to subscribed IPS management systems.
C. Frequently updates a list of bad host names on the internet and checks this against a database of blocked attacks on a subscribed IPS management system.
D. Scans collected data from subscribed IPS management systems to create a database of blocked attacks
Answer: B

Q: 5
What is the primary function of HP TippingPoint Application Digital Vaccine (AppDV)?
A. To update a list of known bad host systems on the internet in order
B. To update the IPS on a regular basis to manage and control applications and bandwidth use across the enterprise
C. To protect web applications
D. To create custom filters for the HP TippingPoint IPS
Answer: C

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