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HP HP2-N41 Exam -

Free HP2-N41 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
How does HP ArcSight's collection capacity ensure that the choices you make today for monitoring will not limit your information strategy tomorrow?
A. You can add threat analysis.
B. You can collect events from any system or application using hundreds of prebuilt connectors.
C. You can incorporate application security and reputation data.
D. You can use Cloud Connections Program to get visibility into cloud data in addition to physical and virtual layers. You can keep data raw and parse it for better analysis.
Answer: B

Q: 2
What describes the Intelligent Threat and Risk Detection features of ArcSight Express?
A. It identifies modern known and unknown threats through pattern recognition and anomaly detection, so the more you collect, the smarter it gets.
B. The robust and mature collection engine exceeds traditional SIEM vendors'.
C. It passively and actively collects events from any system to focus on the most critical incidents.
D. It detects and blocks even the most subtle attacks by correlating the events that you select using the most advanced real-time correlation techniques.
Answer: A

Q: 3
Which statement best describes the ArcSight Connector Appliance?
A. It is a software solution that supports bulk operations across all SmartConnectors and is ideal in ArcSight ESM deployments with a large number of SmartConnectors.
B. It hosts multiple ArcSight SmartConnectors on a single appliance with a web-based user interface for centralized management.
C. It does not affect working SmartConnectors when it is used to change their configuration.
D. It has actions that can be executed manually or through automated actions from rules and some data monitors.
Answer: B

Q: 4
What best describes the ESM DB?
A. It includes the SmartStorage Partition Management whose source-based default slices of the database can be compressed and then archived for later retrieval.
B. It is as fast as or faster than the network to deliver better intelligence and the most precise filters.
C. It is an ideal solution when connectors target multiple heterogeneous destinations.
D. Events are written to the database with a normalized schema for later analysis and reference.
Answer: A

Q: 5
What are the key aspects of ArcSight Logger Universal Log Management solution?
A. Logger translates a multitude of device output into a normalized schema.
B. Logger is an easy-to-deploy, enterprise-level security monitoring and response system.
C. Logger separates searching, reporting, alerting, and analysis functions for any type of enterprise log data.
D. Logger collects everything, analyzes anything, and can be used anywhere.
Answer: D

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