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HP HP2-N40 Exam -

Free HP2-N40 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
According to the ALM Partner Handbook. If the customer is facing a tight deadline and SaaS has planned outage during the customer's expected peak date/time, what would be the most effective way to work with SaaS to find an amicable solution?
A. The end customer should contact SaaS and negotiate a better time.
B. Open a case with SaaS SOC and make the request.
C. Nothing can be done since SaaS will not take down the instance as long as a user is logged into the application.
D. The partner Success Manager should work with the SaaS Partner Success Manager to renegotiate an alternate date for the maintenance.
Answer: C

Q: 2
According to the ALM Partner Handbook, what is the partners supporting role to the end customer?
A. Serves as a customer success Manager to the end customer but delegates to SaaS soc to handle customer technicial issues
B. Serves as an advisor and renewal rep
C. Serves as an advisor only
D. Serves as Technical Account manager and manages all aspect of the engagement
Answer: A

Q: 3
Which type of role does the partner CSM play as part of the Application or Patch upgrade prices?
A. None. HP SaaS is responsible for assigning a customer-facing PM to manage all facets of the new software deployment.
B. Minimal. SaaS handles all of the work.
C. Huge. They are expected to drive all upgrade activities from the customer end as well as direct SaaS engineers on how and what to do.
D. Significant. Customer partners will be driving the project as project managers while interfacing with HP SaaS during these tasks that involve verification and coordination.
Answer: D

Q: 4
Within ALM PC, how do you get access to download client-side software such as Vugen and OFW?
A. Open a ticket with Hp Saas Support for access.
B. Ask your HP sales representative to give you access to the software.
C. After you log in to ALM PC, go to the tools menu.
D. Open a Support ticket with GSD to get access to the software.
Answer: C

Q: 5
According to the ALM Partner Handbook, under which circumstance is the HP SaaS Service Catalog most helpful?
A. When requesting service support from SaaS via service Request.
B. When the end customer is choosing which additional services they want to subscribe to
C. Only as a reference document that describes how the partner Success Manager should work with the SaaS support
D. When using the sales catalog book listing HP SaaS available offerings
Answer: A

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