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HP HP2-K23 Exam -

Free HP2-K23 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What is a business benefit to your customers of implementing the HP Converged Infrastructure?
A. The IT department can provision servers and storage more quickly, which frees up time for other IT tasks.
B. IT resources do not need to be involved in storage provisioning, which releases them for maintenance activities.
C. Downtime can be reduced by over 50%, which improves user productivity.
D. The time taken to launch new services is dramatically reduced, which improves time to revenue.
Answer: D

Q: 2
Which statements describe the benefits of the HP Converged Infrastructure? (Select two.)
A. It uses common hardware to lower cost and makes it easier for customers to manage.
B. It enables customers to allocate costs for storage, servers and networking usage.
C. It is built to exist not only in an HP world, but in the heterogeneous world as well.
D. It allows existing equipment in the data center to be consolidated by at least 75%.
E. It provides a single operating system for all servers and storage devices.
Answer: A,C

Q: 3
On which storage environment are 3PAR, P4000, EVA, and P9500 focused?
C. Dedicated
D. Archive
Answer: A

Q: 4
Which HP Storage strategy helps customers achieve better storage utilization without incurring capital expenditures for additional storage capacity?
A. application integration
B. scale-out virtualization
C. storage simplification
D. platform convergence
Answer: B

Q: 5
Which customer storage requirement is addressed with HP Thin Provisioning, HP StoreOnce Deduplication, HP Smart Tiers, and HP Insight Control?
A. application integration
B. storage virtualization
C. platform convergence
D. storage optimization
Answer: D

Q: 6
The P4000’s ability to rapidly clone virtual machines translates into which business benefit?
A. improved backups
B. reduced security concerns
C. faster deployments of new applications
D. reduced networking costs
Answer: C

Q: 7
When traditional storage does not meet server virtualization requirements, what are the resulting issues? (Select two)
A. performance bottlenecks
B. capacity constraints
C. configuration problems
D. availability issues
E. file sharing security issues
Answer: A,D

Q: 8
HP Storage is best positioned to deliver the storage infrastructure of the future with the “4 S’s”.
Identify the appropriate 4 S’s.
A. Self-Optimized, Smart, Secure, Scalable
B. Self-Directed, Smart, Simple, Scalable
C. Self-Optimized, Smart, Simple, Scalable
D. Self-Optimized, Smart, Streamlined, Scalable
Answer: C

Q: 9
The P4000 is well known for its “all-inclusive feature set." Which features are included in that set? (Select two.)
A. Storage Clustering
B. Accelerated Deduplication
C. Network RAID
D. Fusion Manager
E. Continuous Remote Replication
Answer: A,C

Q: 10
Which words best describe the 3PAR value proposition?
A. Multi-tenant, Efficient, Autonomic
B. Multi-tenant, Efficient, Adaptive
C. Multi-tenant, Efficient, Automatic
D. Multi-tenant, Efficient, Scalable
Answer: A

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