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HP HP2-K03 Exam -

Free HP2-K03 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
What does the HP Converged Infrastructure Planning Service deliver for customer?
A. demonstration of the capabilities of the HP BladeSystem Matrix by testing common scenarios
B. awareness and insights into the concepts of shared services and converged infrastructure
C. a clear roadmap with defined with defined phases for the design of future IT infrastructures
D. a clear financial plan to support new IT investments
Answer: B

Q: 2
If you receive a positive response to an “Attitude” question, which type of question should follow?
A. Verification
B. Commitment
C. Closing
D. Consequential
Answer: A

Q: 3
The HP Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) offers significant capacity utilization, virtually eliminating trapped or stranded storage. Trapped storage is capacity that is overprovisioned, but dedicated to a particular application.
Which statement describes how the unique architecture of the HP EVA manages this storage capacity?
A. It automatically archives data in a structured format to allow easier access to information that has not been used for more than three months.
B. It produces automatic data backups and archives the backups until they are needed.
C. It reallocates data based on user demands and the size of the application.
D. It can stripe all data, of any RAID level, across all the drives in the array thereby eliminating unused pockets of disk space.
Answer: D

Q: 4
A finance manager's typical response to an economic downturn is to tighten budgets across the board including IT. On the surface that might be a sound decision, but it overlooks the risk inherent in maintaining an aging IT infrastructure.
Which statement describes how you should approach this situation?
A. Wait six months and then return for a conversation with the IT and finance departments after the budgets have been reviewed and increased.
B. Engage with your customer's ClO and finance management to develop a technology financing solution that also delivers tangible cost savings.
C. Offer a reduced price including a three-year service package to win the business.
D. Discuss options to replace the aging system with less expensive solutions and build a proposal that avoids up-front capital investment for at least one year.
Answer: B

Q: 5
Which HP StorageWorks SAN offering is considered ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that existing virtual server environments?
A. XP24000 solution
B. 6400 Enterprise Virtual Array
C. P4000 SAN solution
D. 8400 Enterprise Virtual Array
Answer: C

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