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HP HP2-K01 Exam -

Free HP2-K01 Sample Questions:

1.If you suspect the hard drive or hard drive subsystem may be at fault in a system, which HP tools can isolate the source of the problem? (Select two.)
A. Onboard Administrator
B. Array Diagnostics Utility (ADU)
C. ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)
D. Insight Diagnostics Online Edition
E. Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA)
Answer: B,D

2.Some servers within a customer data center turn off because of overheating. You have an air conditioning specification and want to compare this information with the amount of heat generated by the servers.
Which HP tool provides this information?
A. Product Bulletin
B. Power Calculator
C. Data Center Sizer
D. Performance Quick Reference Tool (PQRT)
Answer: B

3.Your customer wants a solution that allows them to remotely deploy operating systems without having to interact directly with each server blade or hiring additional IT staff.
Which product should they install to accomplish this goal?
A. HP Version Control Agent
B. HP Rapid Deployment Pack
C. HP Remote Deployment Utility
D. HP Vulnerability and Patch Management
E. HP Version Control Repository Manager
Answer: B

4.How many BL30p servers can be supported by a fully populated 1U p -Class power enclosure?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 12
D. 16
Answer: D

5.In which situation are qualified rack options covered by the HP BladeSystem c -Class Care Pack services?
A. when the options are installed in the same rack
B. when the rack is fully populated with p-Class blades
C. when the options are used only with blade equipment
D. when the options are purchased with the c7000 enclosure
Answer: A

6.Which task of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology do you accomplish when performing Step 2?
A. Determine which subsystem could cause the problem.
B. Identify the steps necessary to implement each solution.
C. Identify the possible solution for each possible root cause.
D. Determine and use the most appropriate tools for each situation.
Answer: A

7.During which portion of the HP Troubleshooting Methodology do you carefully observe and record the results of each step including any error messages or changes in functionality?
A. Step 1 - Collect data
B. Step 3 - Develop the action plan
C. Step 4 - Execute the action plan
D. Step 6 - Implement preventative measures
Answer: C

8.Which management functionality is provided by the Onboard Administrator? (Select two.)
A. manages shared power and cooling for the enclosure
B. provides management Ethernet fabric for the enclosure
C. provides HP SIM (System Insight Manager) functionality for Blade servers
D. activates Remote Deployment Pack (RDP) when an in -service server fails
E. automates the process of deploying server operating systems and software
Answer: A,B

9.What is the maximum number of DIMMs that can be installed into an HP Integrity BL860c Server Blade?
A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 12
E. 16
Answer: D

10.A customer wants to install five full-height blade servers into a c-Class enclosure that is running N+N power supply redundancy mode.
How many power supplies are required to support this configuration?
A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6
Answer: D

11.Which HP remote application continuously monitors hardware and sends an alert to HP when an error occurs?
A. HP Systems Insight Manager
B. Open Service Event Manager
C. Instant SupportEnterprise Edition
D. Integrated Management Log Viewer
Answer: C

12.A customer reports that an InfiniBand switch does not power on. What is a possible cause of this problem?
A. Dynamic Power Saver is not activated on theInfiniBand switch.
B. A three-phase power system should be used withInfiniBand switches.
C. At least one server blade is not equipped with Host Channel Adapter (HCA) card.
D. The Onboard Administrator version firmware does not supportInfiniBand switches.
Answer: D

13.Which HP StorageWorks arrays can be used with the HP BladeSystem c -Class? (Select two.)
A. MSA 20
B. MSA 30
C. MSA 500
D. MSA 1000
E. MSA 1500cs
Answer: D,E

14.What happens if a server blade is moved from an enclosure managed by Virtual Connect to an enclosure that is not managed by Virtual Connect?
A. MAC address and WWNs must be changed manuall y for the server blade.
B. Local MAC addresses are automatically returned to the original factory defaults.
C. After boot, server blades will gain access to the network as soon as the server and interconnect modules are ready.
D. The configuration of the server blade is automatically updated before it is allowed to power on and connect to the network.
Answer: B

15.You need to update Integrated Lights-Outs (iLO) card firmware, but you do not have physical access to the server.
How can you accomplish this task?
A. useiLO web interface
B. use System Software Manager
C. use Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM)
D. use Instant Support Enterprise Edition (ISEE) software
Answer: A

16.Your customer requires software that will help keep HP softwa re and drivers installed on c-Class blade servers up-to-date. They want a low-cost solution.
What should you recommend to this customer? (Select two)
A. HP Client Manager
B. HP Virtualization Software
C. Version Control Agent (VCA)
D. Version Control Repository Manager (VCRM)
E. Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack (VPM)
Answer: C,D

17.You work with an enclosure equipped with ten fans and sixteen half -height servers. Two fans failed.
In which slots must you insert the remaining fans to keep a ll sixteen servers working?
A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9
B. 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10
C. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10
D. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10
Answer: C

18.Which processor types are offered on the BL460c? (Select two)
A. AMDOpteron Processor
B. Dual-Core Intel EM64T processor
C. Intel Itanium 2 Madison processor
D. Intel Itanium 2 Montecito processor
E. Quad-Core Intel EM64T processor
Answer: B,E

19.Your customer has eight BL20p G3 servers all with Fibre Channel mezzanine cards. They also have a GbE2 switch installed with a Brocade switch attached.
None of their servers can access external shared storage (MSA1500cs). What should you verify first?
A. if the BL20p G3 has a 4Gb or fasterFibre Channel card
B. if the Brocade switch has an IP address assigned by DHCP
C. ifFibre Channel pass through is installed on the GbE2 switches
D. if Selective Storage Presentation (SSP) is enabled on the MSA1500cs
Answer: C

20.Which online tool can be utilized to plan the power requirements for an HP Integrity BL860c Blade?
A. HP Part Surfer
B. HP Knowledge Base
C. HPBladeSystem Sizer
D. HP Power Analysis & Planner
Answer: C

21.Which item is required to power on and troubleshoot a single p -Class blade server that has been removed from its enclosure?
A. Diagnostic Station and adapter
B. Server Blade Management Module
C. Integrated Lights-Out remote console
D. You cannot power on and troubleshoot a p-Class blade that has been removed from its enclosure
Answer: A

22.You added an interconnect switch in an HP BladeSystem c-Class and the switch does not power up. What should you check? (Select three.)
A. interconnect type and location
B. position of the mezzanine cards
C. position of the power supplies in the enclosure
D. status of the first full-height server blade in the enclosure
E. enclosure and switch status in the Onboard Administrator
F. whether interconnect bay has been activated for the bay the switch is in
Answer: A,B,E

23.Which ProLiant Essentials Foundation Pack CD can run the Array Diagnostic Utility (ADU)?
A. Diagnostic CD
B. SmartStart CD
C. Management CD
D. Firmware Maintenance CD
Answer: B

24.You are performing maintenance at a customer's site and they are booting an HP BladeSystem p - Class server from a storage area network (SAN). You must configure the server with a virtual boot device that enables the server to fetch boot-loading instructions from the SAN.
How is the virtual boot device presented to the host server?
A. as a Logical Unit Number (LUN) on the disk array
B. as a Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE) NIC
C. as aFibre channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) on the target server
D. as a Deployment Server database attached to the target server
Answer: A

25.You installed new server blades into an HP BladeSystem c -Class enclosure.
How does the enclosure indicate if a server blade is not installed correctly?
A. The HPBladeSystem Insight Display will flash blue.
B. The interconnect will display errors when you configure it.
C. The Onboard Administrator will not allow the interconnect to power on.
D. The Onboard Administrator will not allow the incorrectly placed server blade to power on.
Answer: D

26.You are installing a new InifiniBand Mezzanine card into a customer's BL480c server blade. The mezzanine card is installed into mezzanine slot 2.
Which interconnect location must the InifiniBand controller be installed into?
A. bays 3-4
B. bays 5-6
C. bays 7-8
D. Placement of the controller does not matter. The Onboard Administrator will properly map theInifiniband mezzanine card to the installed Infiniband Interconnect.
Answer: B

27.Which c-Class BL series server blade supports 4 internal SAS drives?
A. BL460c
B. BL480c
C. BL685c
D. BL860c
Answer: B

28.Which HP cooling technology uses power manageme nt to control CPU power state automatically based on application demand?
A. Active Cool fans
B. Dynamic Power Saver
C. Modular Cooling System
D. ProLiant Power Regulator
Answer: D

29.Which GUI utility diagnoses system bottlenecks and is easily inte grated with HP Systems Insight Manager?
A. HP Control Tower for HPBladeSystem
B. HPProLiant Essentials Workload Management Pack
C. HPProLiant Essentials Performance Management Pack
D. HPProLiant Essentials Vulnerability and Patch Management Pack
Answer: C

30.Which utility allows you to easily install and provision one or many blade servers in an unattended, automated fashion?
A. Virtual Install Disk
B. Rapid Deployment Pack (RDP)
C. ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU)
D. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
Answer: B

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