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HP HP2-H05 Exam -

Free HP2-H05 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Where in the HP Session Allocation Manager (SAM) implementation is the data related to SAM operation (connections assignments, connection states, roles assignments and so forth) stored?
A. SQL Server
B. SAM Client
C. SAM Web Server
D. SAM Administrator
Answer: A

Q: 2
Which HP thin client software solution is used for streaming an operating system to a flashless client?
A. HP Image manager
B. HP ThinState tools
C. HP Device Manager
D. HP Client Automation
Answer: A

Q: 3
Why should you recommend an HP t5630 thin client over an HP t5730 thin client to a customer?
A. stronger processor
B. multi-monitor support
C. parallel port on base unit
D. PCI/PCIe Expansion Module
Answer: C

Q: 4
What is an advantage of the HP t5730 thin client over the HP t5735 thin client?
A. stronger processor, more memory
B. dual-monitor capability
C. wireless support
D. PCI/PCIe expansion with parallel and second serial port
Answer: C

Q: 5
What is FBA?
A. Flash Boot Agent – Another name for BIOS
B. Flash Boot Area – A boot block that is never erased or changed
C. First Block Area – The area where the recoverable image is stored
D. First Boot Agent – Something BIOS runs the first time a thin client is booted
Answer: D

Q: 6
What are the requirements of the Synaptic Package Manager utility? (Select two)
A. The thin client must be running in stateless mode
B. The utility must be activated from the root desktop
C. ADLAgent must be running on the thin client and the Synaptic scripts must be available in the Altiris Deployment Console
D. The package dependencies must be validated and resolved before activating the utility
E. The thin client must have an internet connection
Answer: B,E

Q: 7
By default, which account (user/password) will the HP t5735 thin client log in to?
A. admin/hp
B. user/user
C. root/root
D. guest/<blank>
Answer: B

Q: 8
What allows you to change the way the user interface is displayed on the HP t5735 thin client?
A. Citrix Global Settings
B. Global Kiosk Settings
C. Desktop Preferences
D. Login Window Preferences
Answer: B

Q: 9
Which utilities enable you to connect to and manage Debian GNU/Linux packages used by the HP t5735 thin client? (Select two)
A. Altiris
B. Synaptic
C. ThinState
D. Aptitude
E. TeemTalk
Answer: B,D

Q: 10
What is the default login behavior of the HP t5735 operating system?
A. it boots to the root desktop
B. it boots to the login window
C. it boots to the user desktop
D. it boots to the Login Window Preferences utility
Answer: C

Q: 11
What is the mail-in warranty turnaround time for HP thin clients sent to HP for repair?
A. 8 hours
B. 16 hours
C. 24 hours
D. 48 hours
Answer: D

Q: 12
Your customer needs to connect to and communicate with applications on mainframes and midrange systems running proprietary operating systems, UNIX, and Linux.
Which HP thin client operating systems provide this ability through their support of the Neoware TeemTalk terminal emulation? (Select three)
A. HP-UX 11i
B. HP ThinPro
C. MS Windows Vista
D. HP ThinConnect
E. MS Windows CE
F. Windows XPe
Answer: B,E,F

Q: 13
Which HP thin client has stateless mode capability?
A. t5545 (HP ThinPro)
B. t5540 (MS Windows CE)
C. t5730 (MS Windows XPe)
D. t5145 (HP ThinConnect)
Answer: D

Q: 14
The HP Compaq Thin Client Boot Order Change Tool enables you to change the boot order of a thin client remotely. What is the correct Linux command to set the boot order as USB/Flash/Network?
A. ./hpbootorder -uhn
B. ./hpbootorder -oufn
C. hpbootorder.exe -uhn
D. hpbootorder.exe -oufn
Answer: A

Q: 15
Name the tool that:
- supports HP thin clients
- is included with every HP thin client
- does not require a license
- provides easy-to-use, scalable image deployment and recovery for SMB environments
A. HP ThinState
B. HP Image manager
C. HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)
D. HP Client Automation (HPCA)
Answer: A

Q: 16
What is the default state of user accounts on the HP t5540 thin client?
A. enabled: Administrator, disabled: Guest and User
B. enabled: Administrator, Guest, Operator disabled: User
C. enabled: Administrator, Guest, User, disabled: <none>
D. enabled: Administrator, disabled: Guest, User and Operator
Answer: A

Q: 17
Which HP products ship with HP ThinConnect as the installed operating system? (Select two)
A. HP t5145
B. HP t5630
C. HP t5730
D. HP t5135
E. HP dc73 Blade Workstation
Answer: A,D

Q: 18
What are two of the functions of the HP ThinState utility? (Select two)
A. It captures thin client settings to a USB drive
B. It provides the remote Altiris agent interface to the RDP Deployment Server
C. It displays current HP ThinPro configuration settings
D. It captures the full thin client image to an FTP site
E. It enables the Standby and Hibernate functionality for the HP thin client
Answer: A,D

Q: 19
Where is the operating system image stored for the HP Blade Workstation client?
A. It is located on the 512MB SATA DOM inside the blade workstation client
B. It is installed on the removable 1.0GB USB key located inside the blade workstation client
C. It is installed on the internal small form factor (SFF) SATA disk drive inside the blade workstation client
D. It is streamed from the blade workstations within the HP Bladesystem c-Class enclosure
Answer: C

Q: 20
An HP t5145 thin client is running in stateless mode with the Retain Stateless Settings option enabled. What happens if it does not receive a reply from its FTP server before the MAX NET timeout expires?
A. It automatically reboots
B. It switches to the local mode
C. It loads the settings of the last successful user login
D. It boots to the ThinConnect desktop but with no connections available
Answer: C

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