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HP HP2-E58 Exam -

Free HP2-E58 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
You are considering whether HP MSA 2040 Storage meets a customer's needs. What are the benefits and consideration of this solution?
A. It is a good mid-sized storage array, but requires a blade infrastructure.
B. It is easy to implement and manage, but does not scale as well as other HP solutions.
C. It provides a tier 1 storage solution, but the company might eventually outgrow it.
D. It is very affordable, but its performance depends on the hardware of the server on which it is installed.
Answer: D

Q: 2
How does the HP Proliant Return on Investment (ROI) calculator help businesses who currently own legacy server technology?
A. It creates a long-term plan for the customer, detailing which innovations will be important in the future.
B. It compares the costs of the company maintaining its own resources against the costs of using the HP Proliant-based public cloud.
C. It highlights the administration and labor savings that the customer gains by deploying Proliant Gen8 servers.
D. It shows payback, break-even, and ROI if the customer replaces Proliant Gen8 servers with Moonshot servers.
Answer: C

Q: 3
How do HP FlexNetwork solutions reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)? (Select two.)
A. They meet customers' needs with fewer devices and ports.
B. They host virtual machines (VMs) with pooled compute, storage, and solutions.
C. They reduce maintenance and ongoing administrative costs.
D. They help administrators easily add topology tiers to meet modern data center needs. They segment management teams across silos.
Answer: A,C

Q: 4
Your customer's current HP solutions include HP MSA 2000 and HP Proliant Ml300 products. They are ready to enter the next phase of business expansion. Which product families should you suggest for their upgrade?
A. HP StoreVirtual and MicroServers
B. HP XP and Proliant Sl6500
C. HP StoreOnce 4x00 and Proliant Dl300
D. HP D-Series Disk Enclosures and a MultiService Router (MSR) 900
Answer: C

Q: 5
You are looking for the right HP server solution for a customer. Where can you find server positioning information?
A. HP Just Right Guide or Simply IT Solutions Guide
B. HP Solutions Builder Program portal
C. HP Systems Insight Management (SIM) portal
D. HP Network Design Consulting Guide
Answer: A

Q: 6
A company needs a new backup solution that allows the IT staff to back up data from multiple branch offices. There have been only three requests to restore files over the past year, and none of the requests were urgent. The company also needs to comply with regulatory requirements, which stipulate that the data must be stored for seven years. Which solution would you recommend?
A. HP MSA 2000
B. HP StoreOnce 4000
C. HP StoreOnce VSA
D. HP MSl Tape libraries
Answer: D

Q: 7
Which customer value does the HP commitment to OpenSource linux provide?
A. It provides for free escalation support on all major distributions of linux running on HP hardware.
B. It provides an HP distribution of linux that is less expensive than distributions from competitors.
C. It provides direct insight into the servers power use, resulting in lower power and cooling costs.
D. It prevents customers from being locked into a small range of solutions, and also lowers their costs.
Answer: A

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