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HP HP2-E36 Exam -

Free HP2-E36 Sample Questions:

1. What is a key concept in the HP Converged Infrastructure?
A. consolidating all direct-attached storage into one enterprise-class SAN
B. distributing all computer resources to the point of application usage
C. bringing the technology silos together into pools of virtualized assets that are shared by many applications and services
D. utilizing HP Asset Manager to track and manage changes
Answer: C

2. The "wire once" approach of an HP Converged Infrastructure describes which key element?
A. Fabric Grid
B. Network Fast Track
C. Network Optimization
D. Flex Fabric
Answer: D

3. Poor utilization and sprawl are preventing IT organizations from achieving which important objective?
A. increasing green IT initiatives
B. reducing the percentage of Direct Attach Storage (DAS)
C. increasing the amount of time on innovation
D. achieving regulatory compliance
Answer: C

4. Which tool enables Sales and Pre-Sales professionals to have a broad discussion with customers about the current and future states of their IT infrastructure?
A. Adaptive Infrastructure Maturity Model (AI MM)
B. Converged Infrastructure Maturity Model Express (CI MM Express)
C. HP StorageWorks Size
D. Alinean ROI Analyst
Answer: B

5. What are two open and flexible features of BladeSystem Matrix? (Select two.)
A. choice of operating system and hypervisors
B. integrated security features
C. operation with standard networks and SANs
D. selected Blade enclosures
E. proprietary network standards
Answer: A,B

6. Which question focuses a customer most directly on the topic of converged infrastructure?
A. How long does it take to provision and launch new services?
B. Have you considered a pay-as-you-go IT model?
C. How do you manage who has access to your systems?
D. What measures do you have in place to protect your infrastructure from viruses and security breaches?
Answer: A

7. Your analysis of a customer environment indicates both legacy architecture and inflexible stacks of IT.
Which technology solution would improve their situation?
A. converged infrastructure
B. data deduplication
C. backup and archival
D. mainframe migration
Answer: A

8. One of your customers has stated that they traditionally have difficulty allocating needed resources to some key applications. You are also aware that they have issues with the over-provisioning of storage.
Which component of the HP Converged Infrastructure should you discuss with them?
A. Matrix Operating Environment
B. Virtual Resource Pools
C. Data Center Smart Grid
D. Client Virtualization
Answer: B

9. What are two HP Converged Infrastructure Consulting Services? (Select two.)
A. Proof of Concept
B. Legacy Application Transformation
C. Open SAN Implementation Service
D. Architectural Transformation
E. Visioning Workshop
Answer: A,E

10. IT sprawl has been identified as a major problem. What percentage of IT budgets has been traditionally spent on maintenance and operations?
A. 50%
B. 60%
C. 70%
D. 85%
Answer: C

11. With HP Converged Infrastructure and a self-service portal, customers can accomplish which objective?
A. reduce time to resolution on customer service calls
B. deploy new services quickly
C. increase sales coverage
D. improve brand recognition
Answer: B

12. The Sales Meeting Planner document described as "SMART" refers to which characteristics?
A. Specific, Measurable, Accessible, Ready, Timebound
B. Strategic, Measurable, Accessible, Realistic, Timebound
C. Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Timebound
D. Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Referral, Targeted
Answer: C

13. Why should you ask your customer a Commitment question near the conclus ion of a sales meeting?
A. to avoid discussion around value propositions
B. to use the opportunity as a trial close
C. to ensure the customer is interested in your services
D. to gather further information on the customer challenges
Answer: B

14. Given the turbulence in the economy over the past two years, what is most likely to happen with the IT decision-making process?
A. More decisions will be made at the departmental level.
B. More decisions will be made by Finance directors and CFOs.
C. Most major decisions will be made within the IT department.
D. Budgets will free up at the first sign of economic recovery.
Answer: B

15. What is the most important element of a Compelling Business Reason (CBR)?
A. It is from the customer's point of view.
B. It is concise.
C. It highlights technical features.
D. It has financial targets.
Answer: A

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