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HP HP2-E28 Exam -

Free HP2-E28 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
How would you best describe virtualization to a CEO focused on business issues?
A. It is an amalgamation of multiple network storage devices into a single unit.
B. The layering of applications allows computing resources to be distributed dynamically in real time.
C. It is the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers in support of business and IT objectives.
D. It is an approach to IT that pools and shares resources so utilization is optimized and supply automatically meets demand.
Answer: D

Q: 2
What are technology enablers of the Adaplive Infrastructure? (Select two.)
A. power and cooling
B. virtualization
C. service-oriented architecture
D. recycling best practices
E. data center transformation
Answer: A, B

Q: 3
Which HP VSE component provides multi-server availability?
A. nPartition
B. Serviceguard
C. Integrity Virtual Machines
D. Secure Resource Partition
Answer: B

Q: 4
A customer is interested in HP Insight Dynamics-VSE, and wants to know if his IT team can install the software. Which is the correct response?
A. The software is customer installable.
B. HP requires the purchasing of the HP Insight Dynamics-VSE Installation and Startup Service.
C. HP Insight Dynamics-VSE Installation and Startup Service is included in the initial purchase price.
D. The software is customer installable if an HP SIM Central Management Server is currently installed.
Answer: B

Q: 5
A new service agreement requires that a large enterprise have non-stop data availability.
They currently operate a clustered BladeSystems server environment support by multiple EVAs configured in storage area networks. What opportunity should you discuss with them?
A. migrate EVA storage to an XP
B. double the disk capacity on the EVAs
C. add extra virtual hosts to local servers
D. migrate BladeSystem applications onto Superdome servers
Answer: A

Q: 6
You are discussing the business value of virtualization with a customer who does not have a virtualized environment and is apprehensive about virtualizing business critical applications.
What would you suggest as the most common entry point for deploying virtualization solution in customer environments?
A. disaster recovery environment
B. production environment
C. business services environment
D. test and development environment
Answer: D

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