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HP HP2-E19 Exam -

Free HP2-E19 Sample Questions:

1. What is the Optimal Skills Program?
A. a means to build product knowledge
B. a way to develop skills to the highest levels
C. a way to optimize training time and decrease company costs
D. a way to link the necessary level of HP skills to the Partner Business Growth Strategy
Answer: B

2. On average, what is the maximum percent of time that salespeople spend on "active" selling?
A. 10%
B. 15%
C. 20%
D. 25%
Answer: C

3. Which percentage of customers interviewed said they felt meetings with suppliers made little, no or negative progress?
A. 58%
B. 68%
C. 78%
D. 88%
Answer: C

4. What is considered a compelling business reason?
A. part of a proposal
B. a reason to justify the IT investment
C. a reason for the salesperson to attend a meeting
D. a customer's reason for attending a meeting with a supplier
Answer: D

5. Why are probing questions so important in a sales situation? (Select two.)
A. They help identify the budget.
B. They help in terms of proposing the correct solution.
C. They help identify or create the customer's real business needs.
D. They help provide understanding of customer problems or challenges.
Answer: CD

6. What is the most important role of a salesperson?
A. to ask questions
B. to listen to the customer
C. to deliver against expectiations
D. to algin IT solutions with customer needs
Answer: B

7. From the customer point of view, what is the main reason for the lack of progress in meetings with suppliers?
A. poor listening
B. salesperson spoke too much
C. salesperson failed to follow up
D. lack of preparation and planning
Answer: D

8. Why is it important to ask an Attitude question at the end of a sales meeting? (Select two.)
A. to be polite
B. to establish the decision date
C. to establish the customer's real views about your proposals
D. to enquire how someone else in the organization might view the proposals
Answer: CD

9. Which cost reduction did IDC find for the move to virtualization across the desktop over the three year period?
A. $56,000 for 100 users
B. $82,000 for 100 users
C. $132,000 for 100 users
D. $232,000 for 100 users
Answer: C

10. What are the priorities for PSG for the next year? (Select three.)
A. attach
B. virtualization
C. point of sales growth
D. corporate rollout projects
E. monitoring growth in design markets
F. Notebooks in the Small Business, Small Office
Answer: ABF

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