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HP HP2-E18 Exam -

Free HP2-E18 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
HP currently employs how many service professionals in how many countries worldwide?
A. less than 49,000 in 70 countries
B. more than 69,000 in 150 countries
C. more than 69,000 in 170 countries
D. more than 96,000 in 150 countries
Answer: C

Q: 2
What is the best question to open a dialogue with a customer that is in a changing IT environment?
A. How do you staff for special projects?
B. Ideally, how many additional staff do you plan to recruit?
C. What kind of changes is the business asking you to make?
D. What are your plans to achieve the next level of availability?
Answer: C

Q: 3
When justifying the investment in services to a customer, which response is considered a best practice?
A. Provide lots of industry examples of where HP is number one.
B. Ensure that the customer understands all of the features of the servicesbeing offered.
C. Only include services in the sales cycle once the customer has decidedon the hardware and software solution.
D. Take a solutions selling approach to assure that the relationship betweenbusiness goals and the impact of IT on those goals is understood.
Answer: D

Q: 4
When is the best time to position HP Deployment Services to your customer?
A. at the start of the sales process that involves new hardware
B. after new hardware is delivered and the customer experiences technicaldifficulties
C. during the configuration process when HP Installation Services are addedto the order
D. after a hardware order is finalized and the customer starts to plandeployment activities
Answer: A

Q: 5
How can HP ProLiant Services help reduce a customer's overall cost? (Select three.)
A. protects business data
B. minimizes the risk of downtime
C. results in 80% less deployment costs
D. optimizes power management in the IT environment
E. decreases IT maintenance and improves operational efficiency
Answer: B,C,E

Q: 6
Which statement best describes a customer benefit of choosing HP Proactive Essentials Services?
A. provides a tailor-made service for the customer
B. decreases outages caused by software defects
C. provides cost-effective management with ongoing advice
D. keeps the hardware and software running and maintains IT availabilityobjectives
Answer: B

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