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HP HP2-E14 Exam -

Free HP2-E14 Sample Questions:

1. According to research, approximately what percentage of all helpdesk calls are related to commercial printers?
A. less than 10%
B. more than 50%
C. more than 75%
D. between 10% and 20%
Answer: B

2. What is the typical percentage profit margin for HP Care Pack Support Services compared with HP products?
A. bigger
B. similar
C. smaller
D. depends on which HP Care Pack
Answer: A

3. Why is it important to introduce services early in the sales cycle for an HP Integrity solution? (Select three.)
A. You can provide higher services discounts early in the sales cycle.
B. if you do not, the competition might step in to provide the service solution
C. Your value proposition is stronger with services included from the beginning
D. The customer's budget may not be stretched later on to accommodate additional services.
E. The standard warranty, that provides basic protection against downtime and services, is an important component to provide a complete solution
Answer: B,C,E

4. What is the correct sequence for a successful HP Care Pack Services sales process?
A. Introduce services, illustrate cost of downtime, relate value to customer objectives, compare cost of service to cost of downtime, and reinforce credibility
B. Introduce services, relate value to customer objectives, reinforce credibility, illustrate cost of downtime, and compare cost of service to cost of downtime
C. Introduce services, reinforce credibility, relate value to customer objectives, illustrate cost of downtime, and compare cost of service to cost of downtime
D. Introduce services, illustrate cost of downtime, compare cost of s ervice to cost of downtime, reinforce credibility, and relate value to customer objectives
Answer: C

5. Can you improve your margin by including services at the point of product sales?
A. Yes. if you offer the right service.
B. No, if the customer does not ask for services, you must sell them at cost, so no margin is left and the order margin percentage decreases.
C. No, because offering services together with the product means that you are not selling a qualitative product and there is a risk of losing the total sale
D. Yes. the increased order value (extra 15% to 30%) has a positive impact on the total margin, and a typical sen/ice margin is even higher than the product margin
Answer: D

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