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HP HP2-E13 Exam -

Free HP2-E13 Sample Questions:

1.Which action is needed to solve the problem described below?
High costs due to multiple server locations and underutilized IT facilities.
A. control
B. continuity
C. compliance
D. collaboration
E. consolidation
Answer: D

How does HP define IT Consolidation solutions?
Answer: as a one-time-only project
Answer: by downsizing the number of systems in the data center
Answer: as a process that affects only servers, storage, and databases *
Answer: using proven strategies for streamlining inefficient infrastructures
Answer: Pending

A customer has excess IT hardware they believe has remaining market value. They may wish to acquire new HP technology or apply any remaining market value proceeds to other HP products or services. Which HP program might you consider? (Select two.)
Answer: HP Trade-In Program
Answer: HP Care Pack Services
Answer: HP Managed Care Services
Answer: HPFS Asset Recovery Services
Answer: Pending

Which statement is true regarding the new world of business technology? (Select two.)
Answer: IT is seen as separate from the business itself.
Answer: It reduces the cost of IT while improving business performance.
Answer: Technology does not support the business; it powers the business.
Answer: IT is focused on data processing and management information systems.
Answer: Pending

What is the primary reason that drives customers to impleme nt IT Consolidation solutions?
Answer: the need to increase IT staff
Answer: the need to increase the entire supply chain
Answer: the need to increase security and dependence on IT
Answer: the need to control diverse environments while reducing IT costs
Answer: Pending

HP works with many solution providers to integrate innovation into solutions. Which partner helps ensure the latest in microprocessor technology?
Answer: AMD
Answer: Lotus
Answer: Citri
Answer: Red Hat
Answer: Microsoft
Answer: Pending

During a BladeSystem sales process, you communicate the benefits of migrating to HP BladeSystem architecture. Which benefits should you emphasize? (Select two.)
Answer: Blades require less infrastructure management.
Answer: Blades use less power for reduced cooling costs.
Answer: Blades support plug-and-play replacement for easy maintenance.
Answer: A blade deployment is less expensive tha n a traditional server deployment.
Answer: Pending

Which statement is true regarding the dual-core Itanium 2 processor? (Select two.)
Answer: It supports more cores per processor than competing offerings.
Answer: It supports massively parallel processing for increased performance.
Answer: It provides increased multitasking performance while using less power.
Answer: It features dual-core spare architecture, which allows for online CPU spare.
Answer: Pending

9 .According to the current HP roadmap, which HP servers are based on industry-standard processors? (Select three.)
A. HP 9000 servers
B. HP Integrity servers
C. HP ProLiant servers
D. HP AlphaServer systems
E. HP Integrity NonStop servers
Answer: A,B,D

10.How can StorageWorks MSL tape libraries extend the benefits of tape? (Select two.)
A. lowering the initial cost for tape solutions
B. automating the process of backup and restore for one or more servers
C. increasing the capacity of data that can be backed up without interve ntion
D. reducing the number of tapes required for backup of same amount of data
Answer: A,D

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