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HP HP2-896 Exam -

Free HP2-896 Sample Questions:

1. What does Quick Boot mode do?
A. boots directly to the network
B. disables all POST tests
C. disables some POST tests
D. disables the POST beep codes
Answer: C

2. After replacing a processor you get an error message “CPU microcode is not found”. What is the first action ?
A. check driver for latest version
B. test processor in a known good PC
C. check the HP website for latest BIOS version
D. set CMOS settings to default
Answer: C

3. What does a technician need to do after replacing a failed drive in a RAID 5 solution?
A. restore data from tape backup
B. nothing, the system will rebuild itself
C. set the new disk to online
D. reconfigure the RAID
Answer: B

4. A customer has recently upgraded memory in a unit that supports RAMBUS. The system is not detecting the new memory. What is a possible cause?
A. CMOS has not been configured to accept the additional memory
B. system firmware needs to be upgraded to support over 256 MB of memory
C. RIMM/CRIMM placement is not correct on the system board
D. operating system has not been configured to accept the additional memory
Answer: C

5. A computer often crashes after several hours of use. What is the most likely reason?
A. hard drive is defective
B. processor is defective
C. airflow of the unit is hindered
D. indoor air pressure is too high
Answer: C

6. The unit is unable to print while on the wireless network although it is able to print locally on the same printer. What needs to be changed in order to print through the wireless connection?
A. update the printer driver
B. add the printer to a wireless access point
C. add the printer as a network printer
D. reinstall network protocol
Answer: B

7. Which tool is used to calibrate a battery ?
A. Windows CD-ROM
B. System BIOS
C. Battery Conservation Utility
D. Windows Safe Mode
Answer: B

8. Where is the boot log file located under Windows XP?
A. Log directory
B. PXE directory
C. Root directory
D. Temp directory
Answer: C

9. A memory upgrade is installed properly. After restarting, a memory dump error occurs. What do you do first?
A. replace the hard disk drive
B. restore factory defaults on unit
C. verify that supported HP memory is installed
D. access BIOS Setup and ensure memory is being seen
Answer: C

10. What can cause a system to reboot unexpectedly from the operating system? Select TWO?
A. driver conflict
B. incorrect boot order setting
C. loss of network connectivity
D. memory module defect
E. shorted hood lock
Answer: AD

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