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HP HP2-056 Exam -

Free HP2-056 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
Which ProCurve Networking switch series would be appropriate to offer to who wants to affordably implement Quality of Service at the edge of the network?

A. 9300m
B. 5300xl
C. 8100fl
D. 2300

Answer: D

Q: 2
What are the two key principles that an Adaptive EDGE network is built upon?

A. command from the edge and control to the center
B. command from the center and control to the edge
C. control to the center and command from the edge
D. command and control from the edge to center

Answer: D

Q: 3 is ready to change from unmanaged switching to 10/100 managed switching. He wants a low cost, stackable switch for this migration. Which series would provide him with the best ProCurve Networking switch?

A. 2100
B. 2300
C. 2600
D. 2800

Answer: C

Q: 4 has already implemented an intelligent edge network and now wants to make their core into a high-speed, resilient interconnect device. Which ProCurve product series would be appropriate for this customer?

A. 9400sl
B. 8100fl
C. 9300m
D. 6400cl

Answer: C

Q: 5
What type of network architecture moves some important network functions from the core
to the edge of the network?

A. secure mobility architecture
B. multi-service architecture
C. industry standard architecture
D. adaptive edge architecture

Answer: A

Q: 6
Virus throttling is a feature of which ProCurve Networking product series?

A. 4100gl
B. 5300xl
C. 9300m
D. 3400cl

Answer: B

Q: 7
What do ProCurve Networking security solutions do?

A. control security at the network core only
B. allow users to set their own access levels
C. support appropriate access at the network edge where users connect
D. do not support provisioning for guest users

Answer: A

Q: 8 is looking for an easy to use, low-cost modular alternative to his stackable switches. From which series of ProCurve Networking switches would you offer this alternative?


Answer: B

Q: 9 is looking for a 10GbE aggregation switch based on the CX4 copper standard only, and does not have a need for fiber. What is the appropriate ProCurve product for this customer?

A. 3400cl-24G
B. 6410-6XG
C. 3400cl-48G
D. 6400cl-6XG

Answer: D

Q: 10
Which main forces are changing Enterprise Networks?

A. mobile phones, mega-routers, and VoIP
B. CoS, 802.11i, and VLANs
C. the Internet, mobility and convergence
D. QoS, 802.11n, and VPNs

Answer: A

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