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HP HP2-037 Exam -

Free HP2-037 Sample Questions:

Q: 1 has a LaserJet 4345 MFP printer, and wants to configure the 'Send To Folder' option. He has an expired version of Digital Sending Software. How can the customer configure the 'Send To Folder' option?

A. the printer driver
B. EWS (Embedded Web Server)
C. WJA (Web Jet Administrator)
D. the control panel

Answer: C

Q: 2
What is one possible cause of consistently smeared print output?

A. paper moisture content too high
B. paper moisture content too low
C. paper finish too smooth or basis weight too heavy
D. paper finish too rough or basis weight too light

Answer: C

Q: 3
What type of control panel message informs you of data and print errors?

A. warning messages
B. error messages
C. critical error messages
D. service messages

Answer: B

Q: 4
What is the first step to identify any paper jam condition?

A. Determine if the printer fusing assembly is functional.
B. Identify where the leading edge of the paper stops.
C. Verify that all printer solenoids are operational.
D. Determine which of the printer clutches are slipping.


Q: 5
You are troubleshooting a non-functional printer and have identified and analyzed all symptoms associated with the particular problem. What should your next course of action be?

A. develop an action plan for problem resolution
B. determine and prioritize possible causes
C. narrow the symptoms to one critical area
D. identify a possible solution

Answer: B

Q: 6
The HP born-on date (Service ID) appears as a five digit number in the format YYDDD, where YY represents the year of manufacture and DDD the month and day. Using the standard formula, what is the born-on date represented by 11280?

A. December 30, 1991
B. January 28, 2001
C. October 10,2001
D. December 30, 1996

Answer: C

Q: 7
You have been tasked with determining the cause of a paper jam in a laser printer. You have determined the location of the jam. You have checked the sensor flags in the paper path, and you have checked the condition of the rollers in the paper path. What could still be a cause of the jam?

A. The transfer belt is dirty.
B. The toner is low.
C. The fuser is at an incorrect temperature.
D. The media being used is outside the specifications for this printer.

Answer: D

Q: 8
Which functions are available on a multi-function printer? Select THREE.

A. email capability
B. color separation
C. digital enhancement
D. thermal imaging
E. network printing
F. faxing

Answer: A,E,F

Q: 9
Which printer component informs the engine controller that the paper is moving through the printer?

A. pressure sensors
B. photo sensors
C. pickup rollers
D. registration rollers

Answer: B

Q: 10 has a LaserJet 4100 MFP, in which there was a failed hard disk drive (HDD). The faulty 20GB HDD has been replaced with a new 40GB HDD. Now the customer is unable to find the 'Send' option under 'Configure Device' on the control panel. What is the issue?

A. firmware needs to be downloaded on to the HDD
B. the sending option is never available in the control panel
C. the 40GB HDD is not compatible and needs a 20GB HDD
D. the HDD is not initialized

Answer: D

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