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HP HP0-Y50 Exam -

Free HP0-Y50 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
A network architect has designed a two-tier topology for the campus LAN and is planning to implement routing at the core. Which requirement might cause the network architect to consider implementing routing at the access layer?
A. Employees in different VLANs need to use collaboration applications to share high-resolution graphic files
B. The solution must support an isolated VLAN for wired guest devices
C. Employees need to be placed in dynamic VLANs, assigned by a RADIUS server in identity, so that network managers can manage the solution more easily
D. The customer has an HP Unified Wired-WLAN solution, and wireless users need to roam seamlessly across the site
Answer: C

Q: 2
A network architect is choosing core switches for an enterprise data center. One potential model has a CLOS hardware architecture, and the other model has a cross-bar architecture. Which customer requirement would cause the network architect to select switches with CLOS architecture?
A. The customer has a multi-tenant data center, which needs to use Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) to segment the network
B. The customer needs a highly-available core, which is best delivered with Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
C. The customer has relatively small data center and does not have the budget to invest in high performance
D. The customer is planning to scale bandwidth up to 40G/100G in the next several years
Answer: C

Q: 3
A network architect is planning a guest solution for a group of ports in a conference room. Guests should have access to the Internet only. The company wants a simple solution and prefers not to burden visitors with login requests.
Which solution would best meet the company’s requirements for a gust network?
A. Place the ports in a black-hole VLAN that is not carried on Switch-to-Switch links. Apply a dynamic VLAN for guests who pass web authentication to a server that allows MAC registration
B. Place the guest ports that is allowed access only to the internet. Optionally configure port isolation.
C. Apply MAC lockdown to the guest ports. Configure switches to place unknown MAC addresses in a VLAN with access only to the internet
D. Apply web authentication to the guest ports. Use the built-in guest accounts for HP switches to authenticate the users
Answer: A

Q: 4
A network architect is planning the top of the Rack (ToR) switches for a data center solution. The customer has a hot aisle/cool aisle configuration.
Which characteristic of the switch relates to this plan?
A. The great dissipation (as measured in Watts)
B. The voltage as related to maximum power consumption
C. The number of power supplies by the switch, including redundant ones
D. The location of the air intake and output and whether the airflow is reversible
Answer: A

Q: 5
Which two requirements of a modern data center make Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) and other traditional loop elimination protocols for that environment?
A. Requirement to implement routing clustering virtual machines
B. Need to consolidate traffic on a single path thorough the network
C. Greater reliance on direct attached storage
D. Need for faster convergence times
E. Need to support delay-sensitive applications
Answer: B,E

Q: 6
A service must be available 24x7. It also requires 99.999% availability. How much total downtime can the service tolerate in one year?
A. About 5 seconds
B. About 5 minutes
C. About 50 minutes
D. About 5 hours
Answer: D

Q: 7
An architect is planning an HP Wired-WLAN solution for an office with approximately 4000 users who will use the wireless network rather heavily and also need to roam seamlessly. The solution will have 256 MSM 460 access points (APs). What is one reason for using two Hp Wired-WLAN controllers for this solution?
A. Each Wired-WLAN controller can only support 128 APs
B. The customer needs fast roaming, which requires a mobility solution between two controllers
C. Each Wired-WLAN controller can only support 2000 users
D. The controller can be licensed and configured to provide redundancy for each other
Answer: D

Q: 8
A company is upgrading a data center network solution in phases. The first phase involves updating the top of rack (ToR) switches in one rack. Other switches will be updated in their phases.
What is one benefit of this approach?
A. It allows the through testing of the solution in real-world circumstances
B. It ensures that the network can be updated without any scheduled downtime
C. It removes the need to conduct connectivity and failover tests during the implementation
D. It removes the need for working with customer change management processes
Answer: C

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