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HP HP0-Y31 Exam -

Free HP0-Y31 Sample Questions:

Q: 1
When a router must determine which route to include in its route table, when does the router use administrative distance in the decision?
A. when the router has learned about multiple routes to the same destination from static configurations or different routing protocols
B. when the router has learned about multiple routes from equal-cost paths to the same destination
C. when the router is configured with static routes to the same destination that specify the same cost but different next hop router interfaces
D. when the router has learned about multiple routes to the same destination from different sources using the same routing protocol
Answer: A

Q: 2
Which statement is true about the HP E5400 zl switch Connection-rate Filtering feature?
A. It detects threats with both a signature-based engine and an anomaly-based engine that can detect zero day attacks.
B. A connection-rate ACL can be used to allow some or all inbound traffic through a port that has been throttled or blocked.
C. It usessFlow traffic sampling to determine whether traffic activity represents an intrusion.
D. The connection-rate filter sensitivity is configurable per port, VLAN, or link aggregation group.
Answer: B

Q: 3
Which OSPF network type sends its packets to unicast addresses instead of multicast addresses?
A. Broadcast
C. P2P
Answer: B

Q: 4
How is VoIP more sensitive to network congestion than classic file and print data applications?
A. VoIP requires more speed than data applications.
B. VoIP requires dedicated switched virtual circuits to provide adequate voice quality.
C. VoIP depends on frequent multicast broadcasts to maintain location and inventory information.
D. VoIP requires that packets be transmitted and received at predictable and fixed intervals.
Answer: D

Q: 5
You are designing a network for a mid-sized company. During one of the planning meetings you learn that the customer will be installing VoIP phones that set Layer 2 priority markers for all voice traffic. The VoIP traffic will also cross routed links to the branch offices. Which configuration features are required to ensure that the HP E5400 zl switches maintain the priorities set by the VoIP phones? (Select three.)
A. untagged links for all voice VLAN traffic
B. GMB settings for voice traffic
C. DiffServ prioritization
D. tagged links for all voice VLAN traffic
E. rate limiting on all ports that support VoIP phones
F. an IEEE 802.1p-to-DSCP map for all voice traffic
Answer: C, D, F

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